Top Tech Trends 2020 – Top 8 Technology Trends for 2020

Top Tech Trends 2020 - Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020

By Baidu Research.

In the past year alone the integration of multiple emerging technologies has sped up.The threshold of AL development continued lowering and industrial intelligence led the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution in Tech Trends 2020.

Following these seeds deeply buried in the soil of science and technology in 2019. We can blueprint the outlook of what’s to come in 2020. Where science & technology will still be a quintessential function of society and the key to our understanding of the future.

Today we are revealing our prediction of the 10 major scientific & technology trends in 2020.

No 1 Trend:-

AL technology will be industrialized with large scale. In 2020 there will be many (AL factories)

Top Tech Trends 2020 - Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020

The increasingly mature AL Technology & all types of associated business solution are rapidly entering the stage of (industrialization). With the continues investment global technology giants pumped into AL Technology there will be many factories of AL models & data emerging in 2020. Facilitating AL Technology & associated commercial solution on a large scale to update industries. For example AL solution in the customer service industry can be copied & applied to finance , E-commerce education & other industries on a large scale in Tech Trends 2020.

No 2 Trend:-

2020 will be a critical year of the large scale implementation of AL chips in recent years

Top Tech Trends 2020 - Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020

Tech Trends 2020 AL chips have gradually reached a usable state & 2020 will be a critical year for the large scale implementation of AL chips.Al chips on the edge will be more low cost specialized & seamlessly integrated into downstream solution.AT the same time the neural processing units (NPU) will become the basic future more and more device based CPU chips.In the future more and more device based CPU chips will integrated deep learning framework as the core to their designs.In addition to chips AL will redefine the computer architecture and support AL training and inference as a new idea of heterogeneous design architecture .

No 3 Trend:-

Deep learning technology will penetrate the industry and be applied on a large scale

Deep learning is the most important and effective technology in the field of artificial intelligence. At the core of open sourced deep learning platforms is the deep learning framework Tech Trends 2020 which greatly lowers the development threshold of AL technology & effectively improves the quality and efficiency of Al applications In 2020 deep learning will applied across many industries at scale to implement innovation and accelerate transformation and upgrading.

No 4 Trend:-

AutoML automatic machine learning will greatly lower threshold of machine learning

AutoML will be able to integrate the iterative process in traditional machine learning and build an automatic process. Researches only need to input meta-knowledge ( such as convolution operations problem description etc). The algorithm can automatically select the appropriate data optimize the model structure and configuration train the model & deploy it on different devices. The rapid development of AutoML will greatly lower the threshold for machine learning & increase the popularity of AL applications Tech Trends 2020.

No 5 Trend:-

Multi modal deep semantic understanding will become more mature & widely used.

multimodal deep semantic understanding takes the information of different models such as voice , image & text as input & integrates perception & cognition technologies to achieve a multi dimensional deep understanding pf information With the rapid development & large scale application of computing vision Tech Trends 2020 . speech natural language understanding and knowledge graph , multi modal deep semantic understanding is gradually mature which leads to a broader application scenario.Combined with Al chips it will be widely used smart home, fiance security, education , healthcare and other industries.

No 6 Trend:-

Natural language processing technology will be deeply integrated with knowledge and computing platform for general natural language understanding will be widely used.

Tech Trends 2020 With the emergence and development of pre training large language model the technology of general natural understanding has been greatly improved.Semantic representation pre training technology based on massive text data will be deeply integrated with domain knowledge to continuously improve the effectiveness of natural language processing tasks such as automatic question answering emotional analysis reading comprehension reasoning information exaction etc.The general natural computing power rich domain data pre training model and improved R&D tools will be gradually improved and widely used in the internet healthcare legal, finance and other fields.

No 7 Trend:-

The internet of things (loT) will breakthrough in three directions : boundary dimensions and scenario.

With the development of 5G & computing, Computing power will not be limited to cloud computing centers expanding to everything and building a distributed computing platform.Tech Trends 2020  At the same the insight into time and space the two most important dimensions of the physics world will become the basic capabilities of the new generation loT platform.This will promote the integration of loT with more scenarios such as energy power ,industry logistics ,medical treatment and intelligent city and create greater value.

No 8 Trend:-

Intelligent transport will accelerate its implement in carious scenes such as parks and cities.

Top Tech Trends 2020 - Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020

The development of autonomous vehicles is becoming more rational and the market will be more confident in the development of intelligent driving in the next few years. In 2020 more autonomous will be applied to different scenarios such as logistics public transport , geo fenced areas and so on.Tech Trends 2020 At the same time V2X(vehicle to everything ) technology is ready for large scale deployment and application which make vehicles and roads from a wide range of connections further promoting the realization of intelligent Vehicle infrastructure cooperative system (IVICS) and accelerating the implementation of intelligent transportation in parks cities expressway and other scenarios.


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