Convert your profile to a Facebook Page

Convert your profile to a Facebook Page

By making a Page, you can use more gadgets and offer with a ceaselessly broad get-together. Changing over your profile to a Page makes another Facebook Page that relies on your profile. You can basically change over your profile to a Page once.

Right when you convert your profile to a Page:

You’ll have both a profile and a Page after change.

We’ll move your profile picture and spread photo to the Page, and the name on your profile will change into the Page’s name.

You can research your amigos, enthusiasts and pending mate requests and go along with them as your new Page’s supporters. See more information in the section underneath.

You can pick which photos and records to copy over from your profile, regardless recollect that points of view and various estimations remain with your profile and can’t move to the Page.

In the event that you’re changing over a bore witness to profile, if it’s not all that much difficulty note that your checked particular confirmation will be removed from your profile, and you’ll need to re-present your new Page for affirmation.

You can audit all improvements before streaming your new Page.

Right when you’ve wrapped setting up your new Page, we’ll demand that you check your security settings on your profile to guarantee you’re sharing what you have to share.

To change over your profile to a Facebook Page:

Snap Get Started and hold speedy to the on-screen rules.

Your new Page will thusly stream once the change framework is finished.

What Befalls My Friends, Followers and Pending Friend Requests When I Convert to a Page

Right when your new Page is scattered:

Your profile’s supporters, accomplices and mate referencing will get told that you’ve made another Page.

The profile fans you pick will thus search for after the new Page and will be removed from following your profile.

Accomplices and pending buddy requests you select will in this manner like and search for after the new Page, and won’t be removed from your profile.



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