Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone – Apk for Andriod

Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone - Apk for Andriod

Phone Description Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone
Zoper is a native IAX and SIP application for voice calls over 3G or WiFi. No ads.

For support, visit http://community.zoiper.com.

Soper Softphone offers a simple user interface and excellent sound quality for the Voice over IP experience.

If you want a logo and company tagged version, or create your own solution, contact us about the VoiP SDK or visit http://www.zoiper.com/en/voip-sdk

Zopper is available for SIP and IX systems. Soper is a great telephone solution for end users, service providers, call centers, or businesses that want to leverage VoIP communications.

Keepsafe Unlisted – Second Phone Number

Do you want to distribute to users

Use the Zeno Auto-Provisioning System at http://oem.zoiper.com and avoid boring manual configurations!

Important: Zoiper Softphone is a VOIP software application, separate from the client and not included in the VoIP service. To make and receive voice calls using Zoiper, you must register with a SIP or IAX-based service provider worldwide.

The main features of zoiper are:

-Support for different color schemes
-Bluetooth support
-Minimum battery usage, highest reliability / stability on Google Play
-Minimum delay for all Android software phones
-Beautiful sound quality even with old audio

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Receive 3G and WiFi calls

-Multi-protocol supporting SIP and IX, compatible with all RFCs
Compliant PBX
-Background / multitasking support
-Integration with Android native contact list
-Speaker keeps ringing
-UDP and TCP transport (use TCP to extend battery life!)
-Supports g711 (ulaw, alaw), speaker, iLBC, mobile codec
-Support DTMF transmission

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-Built-in echo cancellation
-STUN support
-Change account ringtone
-Call waiting
-Video support (Gold users only)
-ZRTP / TLS support (Golden users only)
-Call forwarding (Gold users only)
-Broadband audio (gold users only)

Soper is available as a custom branded solution such as the VoIP SDK

-Unstable phone due to audio implementation crash:
Alcatel One Touch Series (weak audio driver freezes and freezes system)
HTC One M8 (cold)

Warning: Using a zipper as the default caller may disrupt 911 emergency services.

Warning: Use only the store version. There is a reason to think that .apk files that flow on the Web (in Russian) contain Trojans that can steal usernames and passwords and make unauthorized calls. Google always uses legitimate Google Play Super.



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