Yandex Browser with Protect – Fast Browser

Yandex Browser with Protect - Fast Browser

Yandex Browser – Modern and secure with voice search and data compression

Browse news stories and videos from the Internet based on your interests and act like a Zen channel.

If your internet connection is slow in browser mode, it will automatically reduce data usage and load web pages and images.

Remove offensive notifications on a website by blocking third-party blogging applications

Yandex Browser with Protect - Fast Browser

Protect your personal information when using public Wi-Fi networks and prevent malicious or deceptive sites using a secure security system with an active browser.

Include inappropriate interface elements – ads, menus, websites, buttons, or widgets – and keep the text and images added to the screen in read mode.

Answers to all your direct questions on the Iandek screen – weather, current traffic, current news, exchange rates, TV shows, movies, you like the results on the go, and Iandek can do the things you do for dinner or a song. talk or post pictures on the radio to see all the answers. In your life of Iandek:

• Check the current weather and traffic.
• Follow trends in Russia and other countries. Read the latest news on politics, politics, sports education and more.
• Check locations near ATMs, restaurants, shops and other businesses with contact information and opening hours.
• Voice search – Tap the microphone and say what you want.

Yandex Browser with Protect - Fast Browser
• Get answers with search queries – start typing and selecting answers from search results.
• Follow the instructions, videos, or photos to dress, cook, or do something you haven’t done before.
Follow Email – Log in to your Iandek account and receive new emails.
• Read KR codes using your default computer.

Alice is a voice assistant and can be the default assistant for your device. Provides time and weather information, sets alarms and alerts, searches the Internet, tells stories, and makes even less storytelling easier. To set Alice up as a startup aid, open the device directory. Open voice guidance and input -> Apply and select Iandek.

Yandex Browser with Protect - Fast Browser

Currently, Iandek is only available in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Browse web pages privately using incognito methods. In this mode, Yandex will not track your passwords, search terms, and history.

Personalize your Yandex browser with different backgrounds in the wall library to suit your style or mood.

Access your favorite sites and tags on any of your devices – check the box to sync your data with your Yandex account.

If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact us directly from the application or via

By downloading the application you agree to the terms of the license agreement.




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