WTMP – Who touched my phone? APK Download

WTMP – Who touched my phone? APK Download

“Who touched my phone?” is a question that has plagued me for years, and recently I was contacted by a local small business owner who was curious about this problem. WTMP – Who touched my phone? APK Download

The simple answer to the question; “Who touched my phone?” is: The man who’s never seen his phone.

How could that be? How could someone who never uses his phone ever know how to dial a phone number?

How could they even know the number if there were no numbers on the phone? Now I know some of you are saying; “There are hundreds of people with their phone number.”

True, but these people only know how to use the phone in rare occasions.

So what happens when someone with no experience touches the phone? First, they get a little confused and don’t know where they are; so they start searching for directions.

WTMP – Who touched my phone? APK Download

Eventually they dial the wrong number. That’s when the headache starts. This all happens because they just don’t remember where they’re actually going.

The best way to avoid that is to have your phone (a.k.a. telephone) “remember” your destination. Now that we have established that; the question is;

How do you get the phone to remember your destination? The answer is simple; through a software. The software is called “WTMP.”

” WTMP” stands for: Wireless Transaction Metapping. It is a software that is used to record all phone calls.

The software then stores all the information in an easily accessible database that anyone can access.

This database will include; call logs, caller ID, address, and more.

Once someone calls the number in the database, the software tells them where they are; and the phone will dial the correct number to reach the person.

I know that sounds really good. But here is the catch. If the person you’re trying to reach has a cell phone or any other type of phone that doesn’t recognize the number you typed in; they won’t be able to find your message.

So you see, there are still some things that need to be worked on. However, with the technology of today; it should not be too hard to implement.

The software works by using a radio signal that travels from a central station to every device on the network.

When someone calls in; their name is added to the list and sent to the central station.

This station will decode the signal, and play it back to whoever the caller is. From there; the software tracks the phone’s location.

Depending on whether the caller is at home, school, or at work; the software can tell the person’s location.

The great thing about this system is that; you don’t need to have a large data plan in order to use it. It is very much like having your callers listed under your Yellow Pages.

You only pay for the call that was received; you never pay for outgoing calls.

And since the people that are calling are already on your “list;” you know where they are; and if you’re sending them to the correct destination.

You can also use this software in order to find out the address of people who call you; or even find out their email address.

So many people have been using this service; that you could actually become a telemarketer if you wanted too.

I mean, if you could just get the phone number of the person that called you; you would be able to market to them right?

Well, with the new technology of the Wireless Telephone MetaMover; you can definitely do just that.



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