World Phone for Android – APK Download

World Phone for Android - APK Download

For regular calls and fewer calls, add another number to your phone.

With World Phone, you can make and receive quality calls from family, friends and colleagues around the world. Program calls are also free.

Be local
Easily rent local or international numbers using global and global ID numbers for a global call. This is the second phone on every phone. Use these premises for business, recreational and family trips abroad. Rooms are available in more than 70 countries.

Space and school are limited
The global phone manages voice calls using high-quality telephone lines and provides clear, high-quality calls.

Virtual research
Easily find and manage your voicemails. Listen and read the message to stay in touch.

Free transport
Everyone can enjoy the phone for free.

Full experience
The global phone currently includes all call notifications, call waiting, call waiting, integrated “recent calls” and more.

Simple phone book
Don’t fight your personal contact list. The global phone integrates seamlessly with existing telephone connections. Call the world from your local phone or contact app.

Responsibilities All personal interests

• Get the free number when registering
• Enter new numbers as you want
• Differentiate between multiple numbers on the screen
• Replace any number and select more
• Remove the report or your numbers if you want
• Uses numbers from US, Canada, UK and France
• View and mmaniġġja conversations in your inbox

Text Me: Text Free, Call Free

• Message Free Text (Original SMS) to up to 40 countries in the United States, Canada and Canada
• US, Canada, UK and 200 countries telephone numbers
• Messages written in 200 countries using their mail
• Users make calls with TektMe and HD video and audio messages
• Free group messages, photos and videos
• Quick Google or Facebook log-in

FreeTone Free Calls & Texting – For Fake Whatsapp

• Unlike other free text tools, you can add new local and international numbers to your account.
• Unlike other free text messaging systems, sending and sending free SMS overseas is an international call
• Unlike other tools of SMS, you can get free text without having to buy

Subscription Application Details:

– $ 2.99 or $ 3.49 CA. Unlimited calls to the US and Canadian telephone numbers and monthly charges for SMS
– Your Google Play account by paying for it after purchase
– Renewal automatically renews if the renewal exits at least 24 hours before the closing month
– The invoice will be charged for the renewal of the invoice within 24 hours prior to the end of the month.
– You can also subscribe to your Google wallet and move it to the page and delete it
– Current subscription is allowed in an invalid active subscription
– See Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

* Limit Applicable:

– Free SMS is restricted to US and Canadian users
– 200 boxes for mounting or not having another country cable reception,
– We don’t support 911
– This program is under the terms and conditions of TektMe

Tell us your thoughts on the device. Thank you for using TektMe up!
Group TektMe

The numbers obtained from this application are actual US or Canadian phone numbers, not fake or VoIP numbers. Providing a side line can send anonymous SMS or make secure calls, with a special lifetime warranty number.

This new second line number can be called and sent as the first call, and you can receive calls and messages without taking the program to the front. It’s real and reliable.

TextNow Free Texting & Calling App

Receive unlimited calls and send SMS apps to send and send text now.


– Secure a new number from the United States or Canada as you really are
– Call or send to a US or international number, such as China’s telephone number.
– Supports image and picture messages
– Clear international crystal call on cheap sound
– Access your contacts or call them easily or text
– Supports group messaging, automated email and call answering
– Prevent unnecessary numbers and add new contacts
– Download now for additional text or call features

Why should you get 2 calls for your new phone app. Because it benefits you as follows:

From floor offset to top of stairs.
For online dating security, you need to choose 2ndline as a security guard, you must have 2 online call numbers for your friends and give them the real number to trust the range. For a burner, your burner phone number is 2 calls.

2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts & Calls

Separate number for colleagues
If you do not need to give your colleagues a personal number, give them a second line job. Work and separate your life, you never get bored when going to work or calling, this is your workplace.

Or an advertised network number for sale
2Call is a temporary number that allows others to contact you, for example, letting a vendor or delivery staff, or try GbagateGemPlug, and providing 2 call numbers when you want to sell second-hand products online.

International figures for overseas business

You can make international calls at a much cheaper rate (cheaper and clearer than Silent and Textna Now apps), and send and receive messages from over 60 countries. 2 calls require a network of calls or text, but others can get real numbers and this makes it much easier to connect with people.

VPNhub Best Free Unlimited VPN

2Call is designed for anyone who needs a phone number, such as a freelancer, businessman or entrepreneur. When you need to use data numbers for jobs, jobs, etc., you can use 2 calls instead of the real number. Buy or Sell Online.

Package and price announcements:

We have several packages to choose from:
Friday 99 3.99, one month 99 9.99, one year. 24.99. We also offer special business packages for $ 59.99 each year.
If you choose to subscribe to this service, you will pay for your credit card at the end of the trial period. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Renewal of your account within 24 hours of the end of the current period will incur US $ 9.99. When you purchase a subscription, all unused portions of your trial trial subscription will be lost.

If you have any questions or answers, please contact the support features in our app .

Enforcement and security
Support high-performance SDES / ZRTP encrypted calls.

Help with driver code
Use the latest voice codes for low-quality wireless connections. Usually provides standard CD applications and uses them.

Good to use
Updated the entire phone UI to improve performance. Battery status is on.
Delete team
Extensive support for dynamic text-scale applications

// For companies
Use company number (US)
Make domestic and international calls from your company phone number through the CloudCloud platform.

Contact file
All incoming and outgoing calls are stored when used in business operations. Support FCA, FINRA, HIPAA, LSB.

Different and effective expressions
With Corona, cheaper phones and services have been replaced by cheaper phone solutions. Telecommunications company strategy without resistance.

World Phone provides excellent phone service. Download today!



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