WhatsMe – Send SmS Without Saving Number – APK Download

WhatsMe - Send SmS Without Saving Number - APK Download

WhatsMe lets you chat with anyone on WhatsApp without storing their phone number, as we all know that we can’t chat with anyone without storing your phone number, but with WhatsApp you can type in your friends or loved ones. This is easiest by clicking on an open chat and chatting with the number you type in U and you will be able to send the message.

WhatsApp allows you to chat with you and we know that WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to chat with WhatsApp, but you can also do with WhatsApp.

WhatsMe is easy to use because it’s not complicated, there is a text field to simply type a number to open a conversation with the number you type.


This app is whatsapp Inc. be taken, or it is not allowed.
The name of the former, ‘and whatsapp (click to chat) “was changed to comply with the guidelines whatsapp.

“If the application uses

Often misunderstood and the answer is if they know the number of users, you can open the app and chat with the official whatsapp (or app business). This application replaces the limit contacts in the number of storage. Not allowing any other spy discussions, to interact with your numbers or no numbers are crazy whatsapp to hide. This number is equivalent to clicking on unknown group manually create a link or domicile saving contacts.

“Why should someone use for it” You can choose always of course! App that alone brings’ Open whatsapp and plans, but because of the fact that the app is very simple and is designed for me, my children, and free small as possible. Only assistance to others, but this feature is to whatsapp (Note that they are not affiliated with whatsapp Inc.). I do not uttered popularity is surprisingly were grown (thanks!) And other applications at the same function (including outside Jerusalem without my permission) and left the store. You can use anything you want, but this latest version (last that I checked) at least they are not only “harmful” permit (not for the Internet, no memory, here!).


The app uses whatsapp feature “Click to Chat” (https://faq.whatsapp.com/en/android/26000030/) number to any open (such as chat between me and that number).
No contacts are created by the device. He does not need you to save contacts list. Just open the app, and that the number of open chat click (if you want to allow a number whatsapp).

In these places, useful;

– they are saying it may be contacted by whatsapp
– to send a message to someone you need, but you do not want to be safe
– Do you want to chat with you start

You must specify a number of fixes and leave your Ethiopia (Ethiopia after an application to reopen). Nor is it the conjunction of all enter into it manually you can tap + to choose to the it is removed from the list.

Create a link:
URL you can create a link, opens with whatsapp up to a certain number. This function whatsapp. This application does not need you to open a connection, but only to create it.
You can also add autocomplete messages (n need not be, nor is sent, users press the button to send manually).
If you specify a message, but it is not the number of whatsapp, are sent to her, he asked the scribes, who are (Again, he sent to non-existence, of his own accord, but only the run).
Do you wish to share a connection and a bond so that other people can get in touch with you (can be found in the number of connections and observe), “Share with whatsapp” and much more. The default is set to open a message on the web links. This is not required for the application, which are not controlled by whatsapp.
New links, tap on the “Share” button that links quickly copy to the clipboard.

Respective index;

After the opening number, that is stored in the list if you want to open again, and I can not remember the number. You can also enter a number, and the name of the within, or creating a shortcut.


Application of this tool for simple and easy. No extra features, no additional variables, harmful foods yielding nothing, they are a present for the ads … I only ask open in whatsapp (between the update in the I added a few related gifts but rather that they would have killed him as much as possible simple and easy to hold).


Thanks to Timothy Lisunov, Mathews Damascus Gold Joseph itiner Elmaz Benjamin, William Anderson (RCD IRA), Aditya Armand Seco Joni and Cohen translation Forum for 3!

Permission to use;
Sheffield: To create a shortcut on the launcher. No more – (they do)



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