WePhone – Free Phone Calls for Android – APK Download

WePhone - Free Phone Calls for Android - APK Download

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International calling or calling now
Identification number

WePhone - Free Phone Calls for Android - APK Download
★ Create high quality and cheap phones anywhere in the world.
★ Search for other phone numbers in the US / Canada.
★ Get a password to show on all phones.
Enter the phone number on your phone / tablet.
★ Receive phone calls with phone numbers stored.
High quality voice and low VoIP rates for American phones across the country.
★ VoIP calls that have not received cheap call rates
★ Register daily for your credit every day.
★ Get immediate funding for videos.
★ Pay on the go with Google Wallet.
Reliable summer for WhatsApp

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WePhone – The best device in your phone – Helps you create cheap and clear crystal!

★ Easy to use! No setting You can get tested when you buy with a free gift card.
★ If you want to receive calls via WiFi / 3G / 4G / GPRS, the subscription fee is free, and even if you call abroad, call any price!
Good phone price! Here are some:

India: $ 0.15 / minute
Chinese: $ 0.0159 / minute
$ 0.0075 / minute
US / Canada Free Price: $ 0.001 / minute
Saudi Arabia: $ 2 minutes
Kuwait: $ 0.06831 / minute

The phone number is on the current phone.
★ Poor phone conversation Do not carry the phone in certain cities.
★ Only buy phones PAY-AS-You-GO with the Google Wallet app
★ No hidden money, no communication costs
★ Your phone has no expiration date.
★ contact customer service at any time

* Be careful. If you use a 3G / 4G / GPRS phone, the service provider can comment on data usage.

Visit the company website for frequently asked questions and information:

~ Learn more at http: // www .windowsapp.co
Need help. Support by email: [email protected]



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