Vyke for Android – APK Download

Vyke for Android - APK Download

The Vyke app is a real 4 digit phone number.

We are in social networks We create various profiles for dating websites and websites. But we are not worried about our phone numbers. Vyke manages your mobile phone by hiding your old number.

Vyke for Android - APK Download

Your home, work, abroad, you will get a phone number for every part of your life, whether it’s sales or online sales. You must decide whether to send an open letter to each number or email address.

The most important feature

United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Canada, four Dutch or Polish mobile phones
* Free voicemail for each name
* Call free Vyke users
Share pictures and messages.
Mobile phone
Send messages worldwide
* Make calls with clear voice
Keep your private numbers secret.
When you open any number
* Who is managing your personal number

The projectile can use one line without another line.

* Online sellers – create online sales profiles only
Foreign tourists are connected to Wi-Fi networks to avoid roaming charges.
* International calls – next to family friends
* Business users – call another line and call Vyke.
Tablet users – Connect a fully working phone with your tablet.
* International representation – make and receive local calls
* Hang up those annoying calls and create your membership number to receive unwanted calls.

Get Vyke today to increase domestic and international calls and messages, increase your phone number and keep secret numbers.

The latest Vyke update is at http://facebook.com/VykeMobile and follow on Twitter at http://twitter.com/VykeMobile



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