Vonage App for Android – APK Download

Vonage App for Android - APK Download

Vonage application description
As a Vonage client, this app converts your AndroidTM device into an extension of your fixed currency plan. It is very good in international calls and in Brazil.

• Make quality calls over Wi-Fi in low-income areas.
• Save time on 3G / 4G calls when Wi-Fi is not available.
• If you are in the region or abroad, do not charge roaming fees when using WI-FI.
• Make direct calls from the app using the calendar client.

Get started now!

• Download the free Vonage app for AndroidTM devices.
• Registration.
• Make a call and start making calls.

Save money with this amazing free app!

You need a voice phone service at home.

Improper use policy applies to unlimited calls. The use of Vonage in residential networks is valid under this policy. For more information, please visit http://www.vonage.com.br/aplicativo_vonage.

If you make a call on your mobile phone (3G / 4G), you will be charged depending on your phone plan. Use Wi-Fi if possible.

Patent: http://www.vonage.com/corporate/press_patents.php



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