VMOS Virtual Root Android on Android – Double Andriod System

VMOS Virtual Root Android on Android - Double Andriod System

VMOS is an APP . VMOS does not see the benefits of good fish and bug fixes. See you all when I join. VMOS Virtual Root Android on Android – Double Andriod System

Using VMOS using APP allows you to use Linux and integrate software with VMs.

Emulatur Ọ bana yana kwa ngwa pịa ngwa nri. Power, VMOS is not a system. (Android Market).


👉 Do you want your phone to have another Android system

Phone Do you want to install the same two applications on one phone

Telefon Does the phone meet all application installation requirements

VMOS can help you solve these problems.

VMOS is a global APP, a completely independent system of favorite cows, designed to create virtual Android on Android.

You have two social accounts online to combine life and work on one device …

OS VMOS provides image in image mode.

The floating window will appear above other apps with free drag and zoom. Etc., ioutube mobile video. (IouTube background)

Specific Some specific games may have VMOS in the background.

Unique Another unique feature is adaptive resolution.

Users specify length, width, and DPI values as desired. Presets are also saved.VMOS Virtual Root Android on Android - Double Andriod System


Awesome. I got to know this app from my friend. I hope you will upgrade android version soon.
Previously rooting is the risk process because it may destroy the device if anything goes wrong. But after this app, it becomes easier and saves lot of devices.


P. How does VMOS work

A. VMOS is a new and innovative technology. Virtualize another local Android operating system, such as a parallel field or a parallel system, on your phone. With

VMOS, you can switch between real and virtual systems at any time. Data and applications are stored locally.

P. Is VMOS a root system

A. Users decide. We can change the button in Developer options → Allow root access.

P. Which phones can be installed

A. Phone with more than 32GB of RAM and 3GB of RAM. And the phone system is bigger than or equal to Android 5.1

P. Can I clone an APP to a real phone

Yeah. File → Select APP → Import

P. What is VMOS speed

VMOS Virtual Root Android on Android – Double Andriod System

A. Actually, it’s faster than the cloud because all the data is on your phone. No remote data required.

Q. Why does VMOS need access to storage, device, location, IMEI and voice information

A. VMOS requires these rights to better simulate real-world phone scenarios.

P. Is VMOS Safe for Your Genuine Phone


A. Of course The data in both systems do not interfere with each other.VMOS Virtual Root Android on Android - Double Andriod System

Excellent app! I love it to play Pokemon Go and for what I can see in the reviews the developer team whoever they are,

they are there working to keep it clean and providing excellent service answering our questions. Update:

Since November 6 in the afternoon Pokemon Go is not working. Are you guys wao. VMOS has testers based on actual needs, but more advice is always needed.


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