VLC for Android – APK Download

VLC for Android - APK Download

VLC Media Player is a free open source media player that plays most media, as well as hard disks, devices, and network transfer protocols.

This connection is used to connect the VLC media player to the Android πλα platform. Android VLC can play any video or audio file, streaming network, driver and network driver and DVD ISO, such as B. VLC desktop.

VLC for Android - APK Download

VLC for Android is a complete audio player with equalizer and filters that play all weird audio formats.

Free, no ads, in-app purchases, anti-spyware, VLC is developed by passionate volunteers. All source code is free.


VLC VLC plays on Android streaming networks (including Flexible Streaming) such as desktops, ISO-DVDs and other video and audio files. Also supports hard disk sharing.

All encoders are provided without a separate download. Supports captions, telegrams and captions.

Android VLC has a multimedia library for audio and video files and lets you browse folders directly.

VLC supports sounds and subtitles. Double Volume, Light and Search adjusts settings and gestures side by side.

It also includes audio widget control, audio support, cover image and a complete media library.


VLC should have the following categories for Android: \ t
• “Photos / media / files” to read all media files 🙂
• “Save” to read all media files on your SD card 🙂
• For details on “Other” network connections, volume keys, customizing ringtones, and using Android pop-ups, see below.

Permission details:

“Read USB storage device” to read your media file.
• “Change or remove USB storage media” must be deleted to delete files and save subtitles.

• Network and Internet feeds require a “full network connection”.
• You should not be able to sleep on the phone to avoid sleeping on the phone while watching videos.
• You need to change the volume to change volume.
• To check device connection, “network connections” are required.
• You must use “other software” to upload the image to the custom image widget.
• Controller controls vibration control.
• On the Android TV Home screen, you will need to run it on startup to set recommendations for Android TV devices.
• Android devices require a “microphone” to make calls to the requested devices on the Android TV.



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