Universal Copy – Copy Text From Youtube Description

Universal Copy - Copy Text From Youtube Description

Universal Copy Sometimes I want to copy the text or image and standard Android apps can’t use the tap

A copy of the general does not have the disease!

There is no application in copy mode, select the text you want to copy and that is it!

Copy text from any program: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Arutyunov, News Republic Snapchat …

OCR (plus) function, you can copy text to meet the normal operating system (in Latin characters only) a statement or application photo (Facebook) can be transferred.

Easily. Simple. Very fast.

Use the Copy button to enable you to copy the text was not necessary.


★ Android Police, featuring stars


What is the use

1. Download and install the application
2. Copy Service Opportunities (Settings>)
3. Copy the app text (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or app)
4. Open the message load and “enable universal copy mode”
5. The text can be copied from the blue light bands.
6. You can walk with a tap to copy text and blue
7. Clicking on a copy of what you do!
There are 5 stages of text found, the OCR function can be changed to physical copy (Copy Plus). OCR mode Normal mode does not work thanks to the recognition of a technology application (OCR) that you can copy the text to.

Application Content: Universal Copy Plus

Subscription Plus subscription then re-rated by the constitution, OCR.
OCR mode Normal mode does not work thanks to the recognition of a technology application (OCR) that you can copy the text to.
The OCR will only work in Latin letters in the case of fashion.
monthly or annual subscription available (20% discount).

Samsung User Note:

Samsung Galaxy Devices (SG 5 and later), you can check the Samsung Smart Manager app in App Battery Optimizer to see if you are getting started. Note that it is possible to stop the service as it is known to be disabled: Settings> General> Battery> Android app optimization and details. Then find a copy of this.

Copy the evaluation and approval of the application, and be ready to write a review.

Fastest way to copy all your apps!
Save time with easy copy with copy – Paste!
Enjoy your smart clipboard!

With an easy copy, you can reduce the number of mice you need to handle copy and paste

Note: Unfortunately, the Facebook app does not allow you to copy articles, comments or status, so you cannot use an easy copy to avoid this ban. You can also get our “Universal Copy” application banned on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr … http://bit.ly/universal-copy.

WonderHot.com: “The app is unbelievably easy” – 20 unique Android apps that provide incredible functionality


There are three main types of easy copy to improve the default copy mode:
– Copy all apps for speed (translate, position, share …)
– An improved clipboard for storing duplicate items and managing your preferences
– Accessibility feature for all of your apps and lets you paste everything from your clicks into a single click.


In all of your apps, popups appear easily every time you copy something, allowing you to quickly select actions:
– Search Google Maps
– Send by text or email
– Dial the number
– Convert to Google Translate
– Create an event
– Change the text you copy (Hangouts are very useful if you want to copy a message!)
– Share (if not already implemented in this application)
– Add your own custom action to open each app

Clip Advanced Clipboard:

The easy copy will save everything you are copying automatically. Add your favorites and use the copied items over and over again!
– Customize them for quick access
– Access and use your clipboard information
– Find any item you copied
– Edit or delete items that you copy

Access Clipboard with easy copy of all your apps across the notification bar to keep items up to speed!
If you are referring to a text field, open the notification bar and select a copy of the clipboard to open. Then select the item you want to paste and it will be automatically placed in your text area!

Easy copy:
Upgrade to + enjoy a simple copy experience:
Clipboard has unlimited objects and favorites
No ads
We support you and help make this a great app!

Easy Copy is a very useful tool that facilitates copy on copy for business or personal use!
Feel free to rate our 5 stars and spread the word you need.This application has the ability to use the service. (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE to be able to copy it to the text on the screen)

For many copy-paste features, check for any other complaint: Easy Copy – smart exchange.



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