Unfriend Finder For Facebook Apk


Unfriend Finder For Facebook Apk:

Unfriend Finder For Facebook Apk.

This app sends you FB notification every time.

Have you ever wondered why the number of your friends has changed? This app will show you.

Just install this app and we will send you a notification when someone befriends you or blocks you!

It’s simple and easy!


Your friends list is only available on your mobile device – so your friends’ data will never be shared.
This application cannot show you the changes before you install them.

Want to know who didn’t make you friends on Facebook? We can answer you.

Want to know who didn’t make you friends on Facebook?

The Friends Tracker app tracks your friend list and whenever you check, you can see that none of your friends have befriended you.

How to use it:

1. Sign up for free on Friends Tracker.

2. Log in to Facebook from your account.

3. Load your friends list in the app for the first time.

4. Check again in a few days to see if anyone is making you a friend.

Please note that Friends Tracker can only see who has befriended you since its first launch, but it cannot restore your unfriendly history.

For your information:

Only the names and URLs of your Facebook friends’ profiles are stored in the Friends Tracker database. No other data is collected by Friends Tracker.

Friends Tracker uses this information only to compare your friend list with the previous list (if any) and to show that no one has befriended you.

No one but you can access your data.
Your information is kept very private.

Your friend list data will not be shared with any third party and will not be sent to anyone.

Friends Tracker does not change or modify your Facebook Friend List.

Friends Tracker does not collect or store your Facebook login in credentials. In fact, we require that you log in to Facebook in advance before launching your tool.

You may request that your data be removed from our servers at any time.

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