Ts Tracker Latest Version Apk Download Best App 2020

Ts Tracker Latest Version Apk Download Best App 2020

Ts Tracker Latest Version Apk Download Best App Phone and naughty friends who look like “phone tool simulator”!

Phone Tool Simulator is a great  app for prank calls that looks like a professional  in front of a friend!

You seem to be using your app to attack your friend’s phone.

This PRANK application does not display real passwords (passwords and randomly generated passwords) and does not run devices or WiFi networks. However, the original access point/wireless network (using Wi-Fi scanning) and the Bluetooth device name (nearby) that requires Bluetooth licensing will be displayed. The LAN + IP address shows the wrong MAC address.

Features include:

– Insert a Bluetooth device (display the correct name of the device!) and get the password.
– Correct the WiFi password for the wireless network.
– Scan the local network and remotely recover your password.
– Clean, elegant, professional style, shape and theme.

How to use this app

1. Wait for the scan to complete.
II. Select the target you want to invade (latest Bluetooth device, Wi-Fi network, LAN IP address).
3. Wait for the target to be compromised and the password exists!

This  application that could damage your computer or phone, which appears to be compromised and the password you entered is incorrect. For entertainment purposes only. enjoy!

You seem to have stolen a phone number and deceived your friend!

You seem to have stolen a phone number and deceived your friend!

1. In the text box on the main screen, enter the phone number.

The “Phone Number  Simulator” will convince your friends to treat you as a genius and attack anything!

The graphic pattern has a true “pirate” look.

Note: “Phone Number  Simulator” is a prank app that doesn’t trick phone or phone numbers! For entertainment purposes, you will think your friend is cheating to steal your phone number!

Free WiFi to your Android device!

You can tell your friends that the wifi password  is an application that can help you crack your wifi password. WiFi

Its seem to have access to any WiFi network. It can be pretending to be secure Wi-Fi access using WEP, WPA2 or AES encryption. Simply provide beautiful animations. Therefore, it may be harmful to the network. You can trick your friends into exploding WEP passwords, WPA2 passwords and AES passwords.

. Makes you look like talented and technical geniuses. This is the most interesting prank you can play with your friends. The app will be similar to the WEP password generator and display a duplicate WiFi password around you. You can pretend that you have criticized WiFi and got free WiFi on your phone. This is for hackers who chat via Wi-Fi, which will show you a list of WiFi


networks around you and pretend to occupy WIP, WPA 2 or AES. You can use it to trick your friends so they can hack into their personal WiFi network.

Pretend to distort someone’s phone number

** Phone number  simulator will not distort or destroy any number. It’s a fun application that can cheat your friends or family. **

You can use it to trick your friends and thus distort their phone number.

Phone Number Simulator is a new free phone number application that destroys all phone numbers and prevents access. This is a great application for professional looks and strategies.


It simply gives beautiful animations. So it is innocent of any phone number. You can cheat with your friends so you can twist the number.


It makes you look like a talented hacker and technical genius. It’s a very interesting shovel that you can play with your friends.

C. Enter the target crack phone number.
Phone number hacker simulator will analyze and process the phone number information and crack the pen for it.
Lastly, the phone number will display the  simulator pin.



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