Text Me Second Phone Number Apk

Text Me Second Phone Number Apk:

Text Me Second Phone Number Apk Download.

International calling and texting application. Get a new phone number. Cheap calls and texts.

TextMe – Phone Number app connects millions of users with the numbers they need to send texts and calls.

Get a new phone number to text and call


Connect to WiFi or mobile data to send unlimited texts (SMS), photos, videos (MMS), voice messages and unlimited calls.

Choose a new phone number and use it manually.

A personal phone number to communicate with anyone and everyone (they don’t need the app!).

Make another phone number to protect your privacy.

Lee Number Burner to keep your calls and texts anonymous – ignore them and get another phone number whenever you want.

You can also have multiple phone numbers to keep different parts of your life separate and organized.

Low cost international rates.

Stay in touch with contacts around the world at cheap international rates for calls and texts.

Buy credit or get free credit by completing a free offer.

Turn your device into a phone.

Download the TextMe Phone Number app on your old tablet or device to turn it into your new phone for WiFi calling and texting.

To send free text messages from your desktop or laptop computer, log into the TextMe web app. Great for a backup plan, 2nd phone number, or stove phone.

Complete List of TextMe Features:

Local phone number.

International texting and calling.

voice mail.

Divert calls.

Find the number.

Group chat messages.

Joyful sending of photos, videos and voice/voice messages.

Use emojis and stickers.

Dark Mode and Light Mode.

Customize your text signature.

Custom text tones and sounds.

Custom Ringtones and Ringtones

Unread message reminder.

Text filtering and call filtering on the lock screen.

Preview text messages on the lock screen.

Customize the background / wallpaper.

Passcode Privacy Lock: Keep your text message private.

Hide or block text messages and conversations to maintain their confidentiality.

Share GPS location via free text/SMS/MMS.

Change your phone number and add multiple numbers.

Sign up via Facebook and Google.

Compatible with other SMS applications such as Google Voice, Talkatone, TextNow, TextFree and more.

Important Note:

Emergency calls may not be helpful.

The free SMS offer is limited to the US and Canada only.

Opened Free text sending to Latin America is subject to balanced incoming/outgoing traffic according to the appropriate usage policy.


Calls and SMS to certain companies/regions in 200 countries may not be included in this offer.

Use of the app is subject to the TextMe Terms and Conditions.


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