Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number For Whatsapp

Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number For Whatsapp

Text Me Free text to any number in the United States: Free SMS / SMS, SMS and Group Chat!
Free Call Form – Calling any number in the United States, Canada: The Next Generation of Voice and Voice Calls
Real phone number: Get your real phone number in the US, Canada, and send free text messages.
Now turn your Google Android tablet into a text and voice device: Find your phone and tablet with free messenger and free calls.
Unlimited Text and Phone Calls to United States Canada: Enjoy What You Want Free Phone SMS
Cheap or free international calls: free text to send / send messages and 200 target calls make me text or text me
No mobile data plan required: Text Me is a free, free Wi-Fi browser – MMS
2., Bulk Number: Burner Number One Off, Free Anonymous Calling, Anonymous Messaging


Key features:

Free real phone number – Anonymous messaging – Anonymous call – Protected phone number One number
Unlimited free information from USA, Canada
Real free phone calls, no text
Free voicemail
Image Messaging (MMS) – Group Messenger – Group Chat
International call
Find the number
No customizable text
Flexible text tone, sent voice
Read unread messages
Alarm / Ring Alarm
Filter articles
Call filtering – incoming calls with lock filtering
Customizable wallpapers / wallpapers
Video call
Flexible greeting via voicemail
Privacy – Anonymity – Code: Receives private messages

Privacy – Incognito – Hide messages and conversations
Preview SMS on lock screen
Message Reminder
Free wifi
Share your GPS location with free text / SMS / MMS
Burning Phone: A special second number for the article
Sign in with Facebook and Google
Compatibility with the main text messenger: Google Voice Tutorial
Send images as images and images

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* Restrictions apply:
• Free SMS for US and Canadian users
• Free messaging to Latin America in accordance with the Incoming / Outgoing Trade Fair
• For some carriers or regions in 200 countries, this menu excludes phone calls and SMS.
• We don’t support 911
ject according to the terms of the TextMe

Web site: http://go-text.me
Twitter: @textmeapp
Help us improve and get support for TextMe: http://support.go-text.me
Graphic Functions

Enjoy free calls, free video calls and group chats with your friends in join text mode on Android and all other platforms. Register now and share letters with your friends by phone or video chat. Of course, you can always express it for free.

You can do this with text:

-Send free SMS (real SMS) to hotels in the UK, US and Canada on your Android smartphone.
-Phone numbers in the UK, USA, USA, Canada and 200 countries worldwide
-Enjoy free voice and video calls for other text users
-Get a free mobile phone number in the UK
-Enter text and select new text

-Send text message and call phone number
-Send and receive amazing photos, videos and voice messages via Android device
-Share Dropbox photos and videos directly from Textme via SMS
-Enter text for free and enjoy the freedom to share photos and videos
Sign in with your Google+ or Facebook account
-Free phone videos in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, etc.

Other new features in TextMe:

-Improved Android speed and performance
-Registration is very easy
-Many free tags and emojis for messages
-New message notification: Remember important text!
-Be careful when friends read or forward email

-Freedom of expression and information.
Full support for Android Wrist Wrist loading and response
-Check the call on Android Wear and check the balance.

new function! In the United States and Canada, there is no limit and no limit on the amount of text and text messages.

Application subscription details:

-Monthly subscription to unlimited UU phone numbers and messages (SMS). And Canada
-Once you confirm your purchase, you will be paid for your Google Play account.
-If auto-renew is not completed at least 24 hours before the current deadline, it will automatically revert
-Charge your account 24 hours before the temporary purchase price becomes effective
-Go to the Google subscription wallet page to manage and cancel signatures.
-Can cancel current subscription when subscription is active
-See also Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Please send feedback about the application! Thank you for using TextMe!
Set text

* Applicable restrictions:

-Free SMS is limited to the display of US users. U and Canada

-We cannot offer invitations to certain companies or regions in 200 countries.

Send text messages with text-free numbers and use multiple phone numbers in your account.

Make a call and make a free call

Free calls to free US UU. And Canada: minutes

Change the variable number and add another number, then switch to a different number

One or more accounts mentioned

Use the phone as an email address with text. Add the photos you need and combine different parts of your life to fully open.

Important Important name of SMR smartphone

Please explain your phone number after registering.

Add the new number you need

Switch between different numbers on the switching screen,

Change each number and select a different number

Enter the number if necessary
US usage data UU. For America, Canada, United Kingdom, France
View and manage communication with any drawer

Accept attribute text.Free text in 40 countries
Names used in the United States, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and 200 countries.



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