Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers

Temp Number - Free Virtual Phone Numbers

Temp Number Receive free SMS over the Internet with temporary SMS and a one-time virtual phone number for the United States, Canada and others. Receive anonymous activation online for phone verification.

All New phone numbers available in 9 countries 40+ numbers
* United States of America
* Great Britain
* Canada
* Poland
* France
* Spain
* Estonia
* Brazil
* Belgium
* Lithuania
* Sweden
* Denmark
* Australia
* More +
You may not have access to your phone or you may want to provide your actual phone number *. With this app you can get a virtual phone number for free.

– You do not need a mobile phone
– We even receive SMS on tablet

See what happens when you arrive at the SMS Inbox. You can take control of the messages you send and avoid the problems that most users have with receiving confirmation texts *.

Receiving SMS is a free service and can be started immediately without registration. You get a virtual phone number that you can use and that you can use as long as you like. The texts will arrive in the application as soon as they are passed.

All phone numbers are public. For privacy reasons, we recommend that you do not use them for services such as Facebook, Google, VhatsApp, etc. Read the terms and conditions of the SMS sender and use your own SIM card * if necessary.


This app does not support illegal behavior! Services and companies can report abuse at abuse@receive-sms.app. We will remove the desired SMS as soon as possible.

We receive SMS from all over the world to our phone numbers in the US, UK, Canada and more. Our virtual phone numbers allow you to check and register for various websites free of charge. Phone numbers are available and all messages are deleted after 7 days. Provided that virtual phone numbers are updated every month with new ones. All of our songs can receive messages worldwide, even if the sender is in another country. If you need a free online service in a country that is not currently listed, check back later as we are constantly adding new locations and numbers.

Many companies are starting to request a phone number to check or activate their accounts and use their applications, luckily with our one-stop shop and virtual service you can prevent you from providing personal information. We understand that privacy is important, and with our service you can store private contact information when accessing SMS-enabled online services from these various companies. We keep message information for more than a day and use a secure connection to serve our content.

Q: Do you send SMS messages
We only provide related services to all our numbers. We do not send messages. Our numbers are temporary, so it is possible for another person to own the same number at different times.

Q: How long have SMS messages been stored
Messages are kept approximately 7 days from initial receipt.

Q: How often are phone numbers dialed
All songs are removed and new ones are purchased at the end of each month.

Q: How many messages can I send to numbers
Although there is no limit to how often you can use the service, we kindly ask you to remember an automated spam number.

Q: I need a number from the previous month, can you enter it
I’m sorry, no. All numbers are predictable and will change regularly. We cannot access old numbers.

Q: What does the number in brackets mean next to the phone number
This value is the total number of messages it has processed so far. Not all of these messages are displayed because some may be too old and automatically deleted.

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