Super Receptionist – Call Mgmt – APK Download

Super Receptionist - Call Mgmt - APK Download

Superior Receiver Nolarity is a global phone solution and business customer solution for companies of all verticals. Our products help companies record customer calls, record incoming calls for private or official calls, or automatically record individual customer calls in the future. Our goal is to provide your complete CRM company with ongoing updates and updates.

Thanks to our patented Worker Health Index, which is based on in-depth analytics and the cognitive capabilities of super-receivers, our call management solutions can easily track your business performance. You can now track your business transactions from your mobile phone and connect with your customers instantly by clicking and calling.

Find out what agents and business owners can do when using an over-the-counter service.

Business owner

Automatically record customer calls and listen to them later
Separate personal and business contact information for business calls only
Look at the agent-client conversation for future use
Start a quick call between the agent and the client.
View and update customer records stored in Super Receptionist Business CRM
Update the negotiation with each client and get involved in an excellent CRM manager
Check the balance to receive and receive calls through the service over balance
Keep the health of your business, from old customers to new customers
Understand the potential of your device based on missed calls
Find the location of the customer
Keeps historical records and deferred cancellation records for each client / potential client
Filter call logs by “call type”, such as missed calls, answer calls, outgoing calls or voicemails
Check with the operator you call
Store and protect customer data in CRM

Team members / representatives

Complete tasks with missing calls and follow the to-do list.
Get and keep missing reminders
Even if the agent does not record phone numbers, it selects clients who use pop music to connect
Call the customer by clicking to make the call
Make detailed conversation notes with your clients and review them at any time.
Define the status of each prospectus
Schedule follow-up with your clients
Listen to tapes from previous conversations anytime, anywhere.

We hope our knowledge of this product will help you make the right decision. Register today and try Excellent for Dead.

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