Ss track 25 features in one app – All Featured App 2020

Ss track 25 features in one app - All Featured App 2020

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Ss track 25 features in one app - All Featured App 2019
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With the S Track (Vehicle or Personal Tracker) you can follow your car in real time while driving. So you can always check the speed of your car, such as the position of the car, the condition of the car (Start / Stop / Move), Speed, Fuel in tank, A / C on / off status and more.

NOTE: You must purchase GPS Vehicle Tracker Hardware and install it in your car for copying.

The most important functions are listed below:

* Real-time tracking
* Pin point location
* Latitude and longitude
* Speed of the vehicle
* Existing car space such as walking, waiting for more
* Oil analysis
* Mileage
* Vehicle battery voltage for monitoring
* A / C on / off status
* Much more

You must install GPS Vehicle Tracking Hardware in your vehicle to follow with this software

You can also share your car location with everyone, wherever you follow it in real time.



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