Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

Snapshot is an application that lets you take screenshots and pictures anywhere.

FA & Q
Q: Why doesn’t the program record sound
A: Android has no API to support third-party applications, so MIC is the only way. From Android 10, you can select an internal audio source from the Settings menu.

Q: Why don’t you make phone calls, Whatapps, PUGB and other programs running MIC
A: Two programs cannot use MIC at the same time. This is the opposite, so you must disable the “recording” of this program.

Q: What do I need to do to support myself faster
A: Contact me at


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Security -> select Permissions -> Permissions -> Save and Enable. Learn more about security -> Permissions -> AutoCode -> Change screen registration.
Click the Recent Apps button and if the recorder is not locked, look at the screensaver (lock screen icon with screensaver), leave -> OK

[Basic Services]

+ Multilingual support: English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian …
+ Support for saving video cards on SD card or elsewhere.
+ Screenshot
+ Draw a drawing
+ Face registration support (front and back). Double click to change scene.

Magic Button Holder helps you stop and watch the recording (with a simple magic button)

+ Edit Layer – Save as you type.
+ Full video clip or any MP4 video format after recording
+ Record the MIC sound on the screen while recording video
+ Insert image and logo
+ Day / night support theme
+ Disk support for Android 7.0 or higher (notification links)
+ Integrated audio for Android Q: From Android 10.

[User Guide]

1. Press the blue button
2. Let go of all the truth
3. Press the blue button again to start the operation

You can use instant notification panel systems (screen recorder, screen recorder) (Android 7.0 or higher).

+ You must enable OVERLAY_PERMISSION and other permissions on Android 6.0 devices


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