Ring4 – Second Phone Number For Whatsapp

Ring4 - Second Phone Number For Whatsapp

Ring4 – Second Phone Number Rational numbers Ring4, text and allows you not to call in 20 countries.
• Number of actions: for your business code, your personal Elysee or second.
• Staff: Craigslist, bleeding like an Etsy phone, temporarily called the body …
• Worldwide Tel: your preferred area code and a local or international number to live without Wi-Fi roaming.

• Create and manage an integer account. USA, Canada, number of smartphones, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Argentina.
• A favorite area code for the United States only: SF (415), New York (212), LA (310) and …
• Calls to Boeing, outside the US, in 22 countries (including Armenia,
Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain , Canada, United Kingdom)

• Text for emoticons
• Call
• unlock an unlimited number of texts and invite plans with monthly subscriptions
• Dirty and block unwanted calls
• Sound installation
• Do not break the rules
• At any time by removing the smartphone number of the Ring4 phone


• Creating a new line starts with a 1 week loan: 10
• Line start time: 10 points / week
• Text or call toll free:
• Send text: 1 point
5 points / call: • To call

Cheap international calls
Ring4 20 countries and over offer cheaper calls over VoIP (voting over IP). Request a call or text (Wi-Fi, 4G or LTE recommended) requires an Internet connection.

Code for your site
If the current location code number is selected, you can select it right now.
Extends the lifetime of the selected area code, and the value depends on its rarity.
we add

How to use:

• Elysee Current code or business with no time the second line.
• communication platform for the protection of sensitive, small ads in single rooms.
• No roaming charges with US numbers and receive calls and texts!
• Before you make a map and text for a pretrial phone call, you do not need to plan an airline.

☞Free calls and sms
– Unlimited free calling and correspondence between TalkU users
– Call and send a message to any toll free number in the world
– Not roaming even when calling from abroad

☞Cheap international calls
– Call any mobile / landline number in over 200 countries
– Very low prices
– If your friends or family receives your calls, show your phone number.

☞Crystal Clear Call
– Voice calls are transferred to the exclusive VoIP TalkU network
– HD voice technology for greater precision
– Free phone calls are no longer substandard!

☞Free US phone number
– Free US phone number issues!
– This is the second free of charge on your phone
– Launch a Pad Android Phone
– Taking calls even at bad cellular reception

☞Amazing premium features
– Listening to voicemail immediately
– Block unwanted calls to avoid spammers
– Call show
– Forward calls to any phone number

☞Add up
– Record phone conversations about the future of playback
– Free group conference for 8 people
– Turn your phone off in buckets. Click to speak!

TalkEye, the best free discussion and free text app!

(1). Free SMS, free text and international calls only to TalkUU users.
(2). You can earn free minutes for cheap international calls.
(3). TalkU uses an Internet call (known as a WiFi call, an IP call, or a VoIP call), which requires a data connection.
(4). In contrast, the international phone card, TalkU does not use their mobile minutes.
(5). TalkU can be used as a call log to record phone calls. You must ensure that the phone is registered in accordance with local and national regulations.

Some of our tariffs:
Call US $ 0.9c / min
Call Mexico 0.9 g / Slim
Calls in India are 1.8 tonnes / m
Call Pakistan at a rate of 4.9 tonnes / min
Calls in Bangladesh are 1.8 t / min

He speaks in the Philippines at a rate of 7.5 t / min
Jamaica call 9 min / min
Call from Nepal 7 min / min
Calls to Saudi Arabia 6 min / min
Call to Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. 5 min / min

911 emergency calls and texts are not supported.Text / shortcodes cannot always be maintained



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