Remote Fingerprint Unlock for Android – APK Download

Remote Fingerprint Unlock for Android - APK Download

Remote Fingerprint Unlock Unlock Windows PC remotely and safely with your Android Fingerprint Sensor.

To run the application, you must install the Fingerprint Credit Provider module on your Windows PC (Windows Vista / 7/8/10).

You can download it here:

The model only works when the login screen is enabled, so lock your computer (Windows Key + L or Start Menu) to connect, add account, etc.

How to use the app:

First, make sure the link above has a Windows module installed.
Go to the Scan menu (make sure your computer is on the login screen) and press the clock (indicating Wi-Fi)

How you like to click and select the Edge button to refresh and use .

Select your computer and press Save.

Now, go to the Accounts menu and tap on the computer’s 3-dot menu button, then add the account. Enter the Windows account you want to unlock.

The same name on the password screen (for example the domain name with the sensitive domain) was used along with the associated password.

Scan your fingerprint and press Add.

For PRO users:

Select one of the accounts that are added by default, tap on the 3 dot menu button, and then set the default setting.

To configure the computer, tap on that computer’s 3-dot menu button.

For PRU users: To enable wakeup on the LAN, go to the computer’s configuration menu and enable WL packet. Make sure the MAC address is correct!

You are ready now. Go to the unlock menu and get your fingerprint. You should now see that your computer is unsafe.


• Log in / create digits
• Simple and user-friendly
• Safe
• Support for local / Microsoft / Domain digits *
• Light / Black / Black Interface Themes (AMOLED friendly)
Network Local Network / Support Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Tuning / UST Tuning

* Version 1.2.0 requires a Windows module. Usage: When adding an account to the Android app, include a full name that includes a slash-separated domain (‘\’). For example: test \

Remote Fingerprint Unlock Pro Features:

• Remove notifications
For computers and unlimited accounts with the computer
A pantry lawn
Open the widgets
• Beginner Shortcut
Planned More planned features

Be sure to read the FIR. Steps to Set up Computers, Numbers and WLs or any other instructions that will help you solve your problem:

Security is taken into consideration.

Can be used safely on public networks – encodes all data sent.

Es The information stored on the user’s computer uses a special check that identifies the application’s installation.

Android There is no password protection in the Android app.

Attackers Attempt to Access Your Computer – If an attacker knows your PIN and inserts a fingerprint, the app notifies and automatically invalidates one of its bikes, preserving lost personal app information.

Unlock your computer (next!)

• Linux support (planned after the lock feature)


If you are using the Windows firewall for the LogonUI.exe process on your firewall, you will be prompted to perform the installation.

Check the FIA. For more troubleshooting tips or questions or if you have any questions about the app, please email me.


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