Receive SMS – Virtual numbers For Android – APK Download

Receive SMS - Virtual numbers For Android - APK Download

In the US, Canada and other countries, you will receive anonymous activation for instant messaging and a one-time phone number.

Specialty Products:
International SIM card SIM card

Receive SMS - Virtual numbers For Android - APK Download
* United Kingdom
* United States
* Brazil, Belgium
* Canada
* France
* Germany
* Romania
* Russia
* + Add
– No need to get a mobile phone
– Get SMS on your tablet

Phone numbers are for special use and all messages will be shared within 3 days. Designated phone numbers are updated daily with new features.

All of our numbers may receive overseas messages, even if the sender is overseas. The best part is all the services and always free.

If you would like a free online service in an unregistered country, please check back later as we continue to add new pages and numbers.

We do our best to receive free text messages on the Internet and pledge to continue working without paying for text messages. The more messages you send, the more you need to activate your account.

There is no limit to how many or how many SMS messages can be sent. If you like our SMS service, consider sharing it on the social buttons below.

We store message data for more than a day and use secure connections to deliver content.

Q: How is it free
Ads provided by this service, if you do not see one, make sure you are friendly and leave a barrier.

Q: Do you send text messages
We only provide statistics services. We do not send messages. Our numbers are temporary, so some may have different numbers at once.

Q: When will text messages be returned
The messages are stored approximately three days after they arrive.
Q: How often do phone numbers change
We get new numbers almost every day, and old numbers change over time.

Q: Do you have an API. Can I check my location
The service only blocks users and websites from being deleted.

Q: How many messages can I send to a number
Don’t use automatic numbers as spam, even if the service is unlimited.

Q: I was looking for a number last month, can you help
Sorry, no. All songs can be changed temporarily and permanently. Can’t find old numbers.

Q: What’s the number next to my parents’ phone number
This value is the number of messages it has used to date. These messages are not displayed at all because some of them are outdated and automatically deleted.

Q: How wonderful! ✓
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