Pure Web Browser-Fast & Ad Block & Video Download for Android

Pure Web Browser-Fast & Ad Block & Video Download for Android.Authentic Browser is a small, fast and light browser with a powerful ad blocker and video downloader,

especially useful for phones with Android users that have less space and less storage space.

The most important feature

Iny small size

Ad Blocker

Download Video Downloader

Incognito navigation and night mode


QR Code Scanner

Web Offline web pages

Bookmarks and history

Translation page

Search within the page

Imal minimalist and super fast

Colorful Different colorful themes

Imal minimalist and super fast

Only 3M in size, consumes less resources, is lighter and very fast.

Security and privacy

Do not collect user data, protect the security and privacy of your data.

Ad Blocker

Powerful ad blocking feature that automatically filters ad content and filtered notifications as you browse. This helps you to block most unwanted ads.

★ Video download

The ability to download powerful videos to help you easily download videos from most sites.

Incognito mode

Browsing web pages in privacy mode without any history protects your privacy completely.

Night mode

Protect your eyes with a unique night-browsing mode when browsing a web page in low light.

★ More features

QR code, save page, text only, screenshot, full screen, search page, translate page, import / export bookmarks.

Help us improve our products:

Send me a clean picture [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions. I will try my best to solve all the problems for you.

The browser has a great selection. The browser has all the basic and front-end features like web pages, blogs and more.In short, make things easier.

The main rule of Via browser is geek. Make things simple.
Using a browser to browse information. Young and lightweight. Any Andrew phone can control the Via browser due to its small size and memory usage.

✔ Silent browser
You will not shake any news and other information using the browser. No problems with Android tools.
✔ Mini browser
Use low memory on Android devices with the browser. Save your Android devices as fast as new ones.
✔ Lite browser
Using a browser optimized for minimalism. Great choice for leek users and those who like Lite products.
✔ Custom browser
You can easily configure your Via browser. This is your personal browser. A great Android browser for you to create your own homepage.
✔ Quick browser


With the browser, it is ideal for most Apple applications. We have developed many quick searches.


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