Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling

Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling

CoverMy + Text and Call Secure Messages is a private message for the beetle. Unseen text messages; Text messages, Text messages, Hide GUI eyes and login calls and contacts. Finally, everything was encrypted with a private Cowarmee mail.

Add your own text to the phone number of Teran Burner
Find personal phone numbers and phone numbers
Turn off unseen messages
Send all and all confidential messages to others
Personal motivation to block personal messages
Photos Videos Passwords and other files can be hidden
Hide all the secret envelopes with the Mask app

Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling

Telephone number as ray

Find a valid US or Canadian phone number to hide your primary password and unknown phone number. Private + private messaging provides document numbers. Phones are a business, a business. Provides better code protection for online dating (property, Tinder, Aus …) and privacy protection. You can change all phone numbers.

Personal Phone
Unknown Wi-Fi calling Universal Telephone Services, along with Canada and China. Log files do not appear on phone accounts.

Your text
To keep your phone number confidential, send an SMS with an anonymous text message with an actual phone number. No secret messages.

Your message will be sent

Private court coverings give you complete control over your writings. The recipient will be notified as soon as the recipient reads the message. After reading the post, there is no need to worry about sending and saving confidential messages.
Did you accidentally send a photo or photo Remember the message

Encrypt in the last password

Modified phone calls and texts can be sent over a dangerous network and closed without data. Calls and messages with advanced data transfer technology from Covermi Private Messenger are secure and anonymous. Everything is finally committed by the and betrayed.

Scroll to hide and hide message

Be careful when using the message publicly. Activate the secret app. With a mask program you can keep Messenger secret and prevent others from using your password. Users named logins can read encrypted messages as private messages, but they are still hidden.

Specific roof for improved security

Encrypting text messages + private and closed photos and videos; Passwords Contacts: Confidential Information Articles and confidential records are kept confidential. : The encryption environment is completely secure with a strong password. Is your device lost or taken care of. Your personal files are completely secure.

Covermy’s encrypted messages are secure text and phone, Encode personal information!

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