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Parallel Space - 64bit

Parallel Space – 64bit This application helps improve the performance of parallel space and solve the following problem:
• improve the stability of parallel space
• Fixed a compatibility issue between parallel space and 64-bit devices running on Android 6.0 or 6.0.1 (for example the problem is that the screen possibly turns black when opening 2 apps in parallel space)

Note: The application is an add-on for parallel space. Please install parallel space on your phone first.

Parallel space
• Log in to multiple accounts of a social networking app or game app at the same time on one device
• Protect privacy, make them invisible on your device via Incognito installation

Save and manage multiple languages in one item at a time, and use multiple tracks to create your own space.

One of the most popular Android devices, Managed Space, brings more than 90 million users to different platforms of a device. Show one and her instruction. This protects the owner from doing things that are not visible on devices that have features. Additionally, users can customize their image content and create their own. It supports the Space24 language and supports many Android applications. Add instant access to multiple accounts, protect privacy and secure your space.

Connect to multiple accounts through social media or games at the same time on the same device
Results in those who work and work.

The existence of two Internet users is a joke
Almost everything seems to support a second story with similar storylines. Information from all sources is invalid to one another.

Protect users from anonymous settings, access the desired content of the device
Customize user privacy by keeping your settings private and without worrying about your viewing.
Protect the public privacy of Oak Secure Lock.

Create unique fields with keywords
This stream marketing opportunity is presented in Parliament and provides a list of simple things to create your own space.
Create a unique space with a unique structure. Users can easily edit each content and functionality with one hand.

Quickly change accounts with one hand
Switch between One Touch and One Touch settings to manage both accounts and manage multiple accounts at once.

Key points:
Rong is strong, stable and easy to use.
And compatibility: The game space is based on the first Android platform Multiroid.

Mail Delivery: To utilize the power required for software, you need to add space allocation in addition to other similar workspaces. For example, in some programs that double check, you won’t tell your friends if you don’t have access to your site’s web settings. Access to the privacy of your personal information to protect your privacy.
Ak weaknesses: There are chances of lack of memory, battery and software information to create them. Details can be found in “Secure” and “Administrative Services” in the section below “Settings”.
• Note: Please add a special statement as a list of “good programs” to ensure the honest advertising of some social networks.
Ue Issue: Unable to manage any network interface. To create your second account in the same program, you will need to use your phone number to confirm that your first sign-up has a phone number, as verification messages have been sent. In this issue.

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