NetShare for Android – APK Download

NetShare for Android - APK Download

Create a Wi-Fi access point to exchange mobile phone data or expand an existing WiFi connection, as well as WiFi repeat. NetShare for Android – APK Download

You do not need to pay in writing or planning a tether.

Support for Android 6 and above

Works on android 6 and above, in which the login / binding section functions are blocked.

NetShare for Android - APK Download

Attachment section / hotspot section.

Your attachment is completely hidden and indeterminate.

Create a portable Wi-Fi hotspot by connecting to a Wi-Fi network to share Wi-Fi connection from your device to other devices, repeating WiFi.

Use WiFi Tether, which is faster than Bluetooth, and C Library to make WiFi Tether faster than ever before.Continue with a weak Wi-Fi signal on your phone.

NetShare + is a Lite version of NetShare, but the main difference is that root does not work on devices with NetShare + to support native NetShare applications, such as PS4, Xbox compatible … and not on Android devices.

General Chat Chat Lounge IPhone It provides full Internet access. iPad, PC … so that streaming application can be taken online.

Why share the net?

Unlike other applications, NetShare does not use its hot spots, which are now blocked on Android 6 and later,

but instead work with Wi-Fi devices like Wi-Fi hotspots and Wi-Fi accelerators. Permits Use Wi-Fi Direct in a new and beautiful way. To indicate

Create Wi-Fi hotspots for sharing Wi-Fi and Internet connections with Wi-Fi, Internet, PC, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Chromebooks and other devices.
Easy and easy to root without.

NetShare is the best and first application that uses Wi-Fi good technology, Wi-Fi access points for sharing over the Internet,

and for complete control and monitoring via Wi-Fi Direct, without the need for rating and subscription.


It’s a free Wi-Fi hotspot that uses Wi-Fi Direct connections and acts as a Wi-Fi repeater for sharing Wi-Fi connections.


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