iPlum – 2nd Phone Number US, Canada, 800 Toll Free

iPlum - 2nd Phone Number US, Canada, 800 Toll Free

★ Application for Best Phone Call on Google Play by Telephone Numbers, the Official Journal, and Records
★ second phone number without changing device
★ professional Likes, No annoying advertisements unlike 99% of consumer applications
★ 10 Credits Alert Free Trial.


★ new US with cheap and with discussions Texts
★ new cheap Canadian numbers with calls and texts
★ Hindi. 800 free new cheap on Call and Text
★ current Virtual Receivers automatic and unlimited extensions

iPlum: 2nd Phone Number US, Canada, 800 Toll Free

★ global calls to different phone numbers
★ HIPAA Compliance of Health Care BAA
★ international roaming
★ Show telephone number of the caller
★ personalized Voicemail
★ best voice quality super low VoIP rates for US and global calls
★ Cheap International Calls
★ free texts, free local and international SMS
★ Send pictures, audio and video
★ Use of SMS for banking services, short codes, checking
★ Works over Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G / LTE worldwide
★ Port or transfer your current number for iPlum
★ When Going to Pay or Google wallet Without Limits Package
★ Available in 22 languages worldwide on smartphones and tablets
★ Built and supported California, USA

IPlum protect your privacy by insulating your business and your personal communication. IPlum application is free to download without annoying ads. Your data is secure.

Developed in California, is trusted by businesses around the world and seen in Entrepreneur Magazine.

IPlum is the most affordable way for individuals and small businesses to increase business lines tailored to their smartphones.

What do iPlum you and your business

● Flexibility: Bring your business communications where you are and remain productive. Whether you are a professional owner, small business owner, or business traveler, wherever you are, you are able to stay connected, connected and productive by ensuring access to your business calls, SMS and voice messages is important .
● Domestic or International: Can you be a buyer who lives in the United States, Canada, or the United States. Anyone can get iPlum and obtain a second special phone number on his mobile.
● Privacy: Keep your personal life and your business away from the special business lines on your smartphone
● HIPAA: Provides HIPAA Compliance of Health Service with BAA

iPlum: 2nd Phone Number US, Canada, 800 Toll Free

The IPlum is:

● Easy to use
Stand for several minutes without any new hardware to configure or purchased.
● reliable
This application is designed to adapt to available data speeds and latency of multiple data channels Wi-Fi or cellular.
● Can I do
Applications for free and unlimited calling, multimedia applications and multimedia applications. Pay when you go and buy additional credit as needed.

IPlum is mobile technology company based in California USA. Focus on developing great products, iPlum found innovative ways to simplify business communication with its customers.

We are loving hear your feedback and help you solve any problem with iPlum.



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