International Calling App – Yolla

International Calling App - Yolla

Make high quality international calls. Call landline and mobile phones to the rest of the world. International calls will never be cheap!

Call Iran for $ 0.15, $ 0.19 for Ethiopia, $ 0.15 for Sudan, $ 0.01 for India, $ 0.09 for Nigeria.

Where is the YOLLA option

Close Select
Call abroad if possible. Yola offers the best prices on the market at $ 0.004 per minute. You can use inexpensive international phones for free and at no extra charge – you will probably see the final price on screen. No time to switch off – the balance never runs out.

International Calling App - Yolla

High risk
Yolla offers the best phone in the market. Enjoy a large and clear voice connection with the best available internet calling service. Calling Nigeria, then India, then Afghanistan would be good for that quality.


Affordable prices help protect your phone and provide you with everything you need. Save up to 90% on outgoing calls compared to traditional carriers. Whether it’s a landline or a cell phone number you want to call, we are sure. Forget the high cost of roaming and enjoy cheaper international calls through Yola. Collector for AC group With Yolla you can invite your family and friends home. Talk to your family anytime, anywhere. They don’t need a bandwidth, internet or smartphone. This is the call of the person who loves him.

Payment is charged
Invite your friends to a birth call. Your friend will make the first payment and both will receive an extra $ 3.

Save the number N.
Yollah uses your real number, so your family and friends should know you.

Assign number ON
Do you need to call abroad for a landline that is not connected to the Internet. Tolla can help. Phone number. We offer the lowest rate, regardless of the country and the number you are calling.
Countries you can call: India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, USA, UK, Sudan and more!

All for Yola UPS per month
Does your friend or family use Yola. Excellent! Now you can create a number. Send your Yolla loan to your family and friends. He will talk to you or someone else for a long time.

Easy to use:

1. Set up a Yolla and register your phone number
2. Add credit to the account
3. Enter the number to call or select from the contacts list
4. Make a call

Optional view

ഉപയോഗിക്കുക Use the contact list
International Calling Program – This is a referral program for international calling loans
Each invoices and numbers for each device
Loans Purchase a loan online or through a website
Automatic repayment of loans
Round-the-clock support is available to help you make online calls
Every minute the process is open
Call Wi-Fi to avoid roaming charges.
✓ Call Ability – Send calls to Yola users

International Calling App - Yolla

We want to hear from you:
Get the application we are calling and find out!

Find Iolla today and start talking a little! Fight your doubts and start enjoying international calls abroad! You only need one Internet connection – WiFi, 4G, LTE or 3G. Your friends and colleagues are no different – but you can.

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