Watusi WhatsApp Free Download -Fix All Problems

Watusi WhatsApp Free Download -Fix All Problems

Watusi WhatsApp says Hello and welcome visitors to our site FISTAPK, I present to you today a review of the most important features and description of the application of whatsapp watusi latest version 2019.



Do you want a new look for WhatsApp. Are you tired of your Whatsapp look and would like to add many features to your WhatsApp. For those interested in a new form of Watts August on phones and so on we offer you the most requested application now in the world for users whatsapp watusi.

It has been the work of the application of whatsapp watusi, which changes the shape of your Whatsapp to a new form The application is a theme installed on Whatsapp to change its shape to a new form It is available in green colors You will enjoy using Whatsapp with a new look The latest update holds a lot of Surprise and unavailable modifications in the traditional program Download the theme easily Themes High Resolution Change WhatsApp icon as well as change the shape of WhatsApp from the inside.

Every Android user can try it without any compatibility problem. There are more than 100 available features that you can select and choose. Applying the theme after downloading requires a reboot, so make sure you’ve already sent the message if you’ve saved it in the conversation window with someone. Topics are too small, so you don’t have to worry about consuming more data. The themes are almost less than 1 MB and will penetrate your use of Whatsapp and you will definitely love using your Whatsapp more than before.

The Whatsapp Watusi encrypts all your data significantly using the algorithms have been tested time, in addition to a Watusi Messenger , , you can chat with a large group of chat for more than 5,000 users at one time with easy mode, and share large video clips quickly, documents and many others FASTEST: This application Running on a socket-based program so you don’t have to send and receive messages on Whatsapp Watusi, this is one of the fastest instant messaging app, the fastest messaging app on the market because it uses a distributed infrastructure with data centers around the world to connect users to the nearest server possible.

Whatsapp Watusi features that do not exist in the regular version

  • You can hide the call button.
  • Send a 5GB video instead of 16MB.
  • Send unlimited photos at once – you can send more than 10 photos at a time.
  • When you send a message to someone, you’ll get a voice notification.
  • Voice call can be disabled.
  • SMS verification error fixed
  • You can preview an image that someone sent you before downloading it.
  • Save themes and later reuse them on other edited Whatsapp editions.
  • Send high definition images, no chance to get your photos compressed anymore.
  • Ability to change font text size.
  • New custom chat background.
  • New attachment icon.
  • Nobody can get prohibited utilizing the watusi release of WhatsApp.
  • A new chat line is provided.
  • Supported for voice calls over the Internet.
  • Change your last seen options.
  • Change the color of the emoji.
  • Added the option to convert the contact color and message name in white conversations.
  • Play the media while the download continues.
  • The old UI is also available for use.
  • A lot of other features are available that gives you whatsapp functionality and
  • what the normal Whatsapp lacks is only available with the watusi version.



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