Heart Rate Monitor for Android – APK Download

Heart Rate Monitor for Android - APK Download

Heart rate or heartbeat is an very important measure in health & fitness. Using the Accurate Heart Rate Monitor app, you can now measure and monitor your heart rate!

★ incredibly accurate measure your heartbeat
★ free with unlimited recording
★ Easy to use with intuitive design
★ Heart rate training area (identifies rest, burn fat, cardio and peak)
★ Google Fit Sport
★ Burn calories per hour
★ no additional hardware required

How to use heart rate monitor free app to measure your heartbeat?

To use this heartbeat counter, simply place your finger on the phone’s camera and stay stationary, the heart rate is shown after a few seconds. Covering a portion of the flash can help the heartbeat counter become more precise.

Heart Rate Monitor for Android - APK Download

What is a normal heart rate or heart rate?

Mayo kills clinic, 60 per minute to a normal resting heart rate for groups of 100 adult rate (bpm). However, keep in mind that many factors can affect heart rate, including activity level, fitness level, body size, emotions, etc. Generally, this means shorter heartbeats have more efficient cardiac function and better heart health.

Consult your doctor if your resting heartbeat is consistently above 100 beats per minute or if you are not a trained athlete and your resting heartbeat is less than 60 minutes per minute

What are heart rate training areas?

Heart rate training areas are calculated using the maximum heart rate (MaxHR). In every training area, there are subtle physical effects to enhance your fitness. We have a definition used in Fitbit Tracker:

– REST ZONE (up to HRmax 50%): It is considered as resting zone.

– FAT BURN ZONE (maximum 50 to 70%): Recovery and warming exercises should be completed in this area. This is called the fat burn zone because it burns more calories than fat.

– Cardio zone (70% to 85% heart rate): Most core exercises should be completed in this area.

– PEAK ZONE (more than 85% of HRmax): This area is ideal for short intensive sessions (high intensity interval training HIIT) to improve performance and speed.


– Heart Rate Monitor App usage should not be used as a medical device.
– In some devices, the LED flash may become very hot due to heart rate monitoring.

This heart rate tracking app calculates and automatically saves your heart rate training area.



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