Globaltel APK – Serbia (+381) Fake Number For Whatsapp & Yahoo

Globaltel APK - Serbia (+381) Fake Number For Whatsapp & Yahoo

GlobalTel is a new operator in the Serbian market, offering its customers a unique opportunity to get phone numbers, make calls, send messages online and watch TV for free.

It allows you to buy numbers from many countries and speak at a lower price. Also, you are not obliged to change your career.

Arian TV lets you watch live TV on your mobile phone or tablet.

Customers and their telecommunications are available to users in or outside the Internet network

Easy to use and easy to use

Attractive TV channels from different genres

Unusual image quality

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for all channels

TV Ketchup TV – Watch the program you missed after 7 days

See also on the big screen (for devices with supported apps)

Or look for a free or paid pro (monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership).

For new customers, prepaid PR purchases are available outside the Arian Telecom network. Pro Subscriptions offer more than just about anything: extra TV channels, free to use, 7 day ketchup service, big screen TV stream cast. When you go to watch TV you all have to choose.

Ariane requires an Internet connection of at least 2 Mbps speed for constant streaming.

This special version of Arian TV is designed for Android phones and tablets. A new version of the app for Android TV Box and Android Smart TV will be available soon!

This app uses a large amount of data, so we recommend that you set a WIFI connection on your phone by default.

This application is part of the international multi

-screen ViNTERA.TV platform.

The ViNTERA.TV app provides hundreds of free TV channels from the Internet and IPTV networks (TV segments of Internet TV and prov iders).

TV Online TV channels in SD, HD and 3D formats.
Over 6000 providers and buyers of IPTV operators worldwide have access to their local network’s TV channels through the VNTRVT service.
In this section TV channels are assembled into small packages in very economical conditions.
Cinema TV, Sport TV, Active1V, Child TV, ZooplaneTV – are just some of the TV packages.
All TV channels of thematic packages are stored in the Mix TV package.
We only subscribe to TV packages in the “TV +” section for 1, 7, 30 days, and 3, 6, 12 months.

Globaltel APK - Serbia (+381) Fake Number For Whatsapp & Yahoo

Each month the purchase price drops below the subscription period.
Stay tuned for more TV packages.
The simple and easy app interface allows:
– Add TV channels to “Favorites”
– Set any easy screen size using the AVTA and zoom buttons

Application in the menu:

– You can disable external advertising in 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
– You can use filters by country, style and language in the “Settings” section.
– UDP proxy support for smartphones and tablets that do not support multicast broadcast (settings)

Wallet is a mobile app designed to hide private photos, videos and videos on your phone. Currently over 100 million users worldwide are using their mobile privacy to enjoy many helpful features for AppLock, private bookmarks, invisible bra backgrounds, cloud backups and free apps. Chat Lounge Join Now!

Main Features

Hide and save photos and videos: Photos and videos imported into the phone can be viewed or played only after entering the correct password. These photos and videos can be backed up to the cloud space for better security.

Reminded Call Reminder: Whenever an incoming call arrives, you can find the phone number through the inquiry box.

App App Lock (Privacy Protection): Use App Lock to protect your social, photos, call logos and telephone apps to prevent privacy leaks.

☆ Private Browser: With a private browser, your internet site has no trace. There is also a feature for private bookmarks.

☆ Cloud backup: Backup your photos and videos to the cloud so they never get lost.

☆ Data transfer: With the Cloud Backup feature, you can easily transfer your data to a new phone through cross-device sync.

Password Recovery password: Looking to forget your password. Set up a security email in the vault so you can receive it.

Advanced features

Multiple vaults and simulated vaults
Create multiple vaults with different passwords for saving photos, videos and more. And one of them might be a fake vault.

Stealth mode mode
Disconnect the vault icon from your home screen and it can only be entered with the correct password, so no one knows it exists.

Break in alert
Someone’s image is secretly hidden that tries to access an incorrect password. The vault took a picture, timestamp, and zip code presented by all entrants.


► Questions and answers:

1. So do I forget my password.

If you already have a secure email set up, you can see a “forgotten password” after entering the wrong password. Tap on Home and follow the instructions to reset your password.

If you do not have a security email but have backed up your data to the cloud space, the Vault app can be restored and retrieved from the data cloud.

2. How do I enter the vault in a sneaky state

1. Insert your widget into the phone’s home screen, once it appears on the home screen, tap it, and then enter your password to enter, or,

2. Download “NKQ Calculator” in Google Play, open it, and input the correct password, then tap “=”.

Why did I miss my photos / videos

Some permanent or free storage apps may automatically remove the vault data folder for storing photos and videos.

Therefore, as a good practice, please do not choose to delete the vault data folder and subfolders (mnt / sdcard / SystemAndroid) when using such apps.

Number of globules:
Select numbers from more than 30 countries.
Low cost tariffs for over 190 operators worldwide.
Watch 40 TV Channels for Free.

Important note: This app requires an Internet connection.

You can also back up your photos and videos to the cloud using the “Cloud Backup” feature in the Premium page of Wallet.



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