Floating Apps Free (multitasking)

Floating Apps Free (multitasking)

Floating Apps Free (multitasking).Open multiple apps in floating windows at once and enjoy the true multi-tasking! Don’t leave your current project to a small project … Floating Apps is the largest and most advanced floating app package available on Google Play!

• Watch IouTube and movies while using your phone
• Review e-attachments without leaving the email app
• View multiple PDFs at once
• Open links in the floating browser and view it later
• Translate the dictionary without leaving any existing software
• and many, many, many.

Floating Apps Free (multitasking)

If you have problems with the program, please contact us at [email protected] for help!

Likuid Apps has 41 floating apps, including:

• Float browser
• Liquid paper
• Conductor software (PDF, DOC, DOCKS, ODT, etc.)
• Liquid calendar
• Swimmer YouTube
• Liquid Facebook
• Swim Twitter
• Floating Google+
• Conductor calculator
• Liquid contacts

Floating Apps Free (multitasking)
• Liquid File Manager
• Floating music player
• Floating video player
• Current audience
• Floating sound recorder
• Fluent translator
• Liquid colors
• Floating on Google Maps
• Liquid Vifi Manager
• swimming games

• and 21 more apps (see https: //vvv.floatingapps.net for a full list of 41 floating apps) …
• You can even create your own floating apps from tools and home screen URLs!

Floating Apps Free (multitasking)

Our promise

The floating apps are the best because of our dedication and hard work. We love to do it for you!
• We try our best to help our clients so that you can always stay calm.
• We have been developing fluid applications for over 5 years and it continues to recover and improve.
• We listen to your requirements and design software and features for you.

The most modern features

• Stop moving from one app to another and get some real stuff on the hovering app to make your life easier!
• Can’t find the right swim program for you. Create widgets and home screen URLs in your floating apps.
• Whatever you do with the floating menu and quick presentations, access the floating apps at any time and at any time.
• A very strong floating menu allows you to access not only floating programs but also standard and new programs and shortcuts!
• Access floating apps with one-click download and instant messaging icons that always outperform other applications.
• Move the window by simply dragging the title bar and the bottom row. Repair your windows on the go!
• Maximize the floating app to make the full screen. If you don’t need it, squeeze it and then come back later.
• Easy access to advanced features and features in the context menu, window management, borders and transparency!
• Open links, videos, or pictures with live applications, as you do in regular applications. Use shortcuts, notifications, and more.
• It’s like Samsung’s multi-screen / multi-screen or screen, but for all Android!

The floating application available on Google Play is the largest and most modern floating application collection. Each floating application is a small application that opens in a window and runs all the other applications that emit real multi-aspects on your Android phone or tablet!

Floating Apps Free (multitasking)


Web: https: //vvv.floatingapps.net
Facebook: https: //vvv.facebook.com/FloatingApps
Twitter: https: //tvitter.com/FloatingAppsNet
Google +: https: //plus.google.com/+FloatingappsNet
Note: https: //floatingapps.uservoice.com
Team Trial: https://plus.google.com/communiti/111601071691478533219

See the full list at http: //vvv.floatingapps.net/permissions.



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