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flash keylogger apk

Protect your child or watch some family members read online

Flash Keylogger logs keyboard shortcuts and their simple functions.

The keyboard uses special keyboards and simple functions that improve the accuracy of the recording. The program works without changing the control panel.

Flash Keylogger uses an online license to display ads. You do not need to read or write the main truth.

With this tool, you can monitor your child’s access or activity. This is a great tool for parents who want to see their children online.


Your hands
Clear user interface
Use secret
Easy to use
No need to go to the root

The great thing about Flash Keylogger is that it can be easily hidden by changing the look of its application.
This program processes changes in the text input area. When you enter text in the text box, the text changes. Unlike a regular keylogger, this program not only records keywords, but also includes full text. Apply written literature to existing contexts.

Please note that this program does not type a password in the password field. This is a performance limitation, not a program budget.

No need to enter application section. You only need to configure the keylogger access service manually before writing application text changes

Access to Keylogger is easy to manage. A dialog will appear when the keylogger login service is no longer available when the program starts. Click Next. On the next page, go to the “Services” tab and click on “Keylogger”. Launch Keylogger and double click on Backlog. If that doesn’t work then you need to remove some features or restart the device.

This tool uses the detection method.
You must grant access.

Phone photography is especially for parents. Even if a friend calls you for ten minutes, the picture will help, but you won’t believe it.

You can enter SHADOW mode and call a friend. If your phone is returned, it may be mishandled or misused. SHADOW shows you everything you need to do, including the apps you use, your hours of work, your content, and more. Supports useful information such as

Parents can set up a Shadow application on their children’s mobile phones so parents can see what their children are doing. In terms of the values ​​used. What do you look for on the internet. Or is he always a student

The appendix has some instructions. If you have problems, see below.

* Install the attachment
* Turn on the shadow (the phone has language and settings).

Vetko .. !!
You’re good. You can use the application to view file sources. There are many features (especially justified by providing a website that protects you from unauthorized use). ಾಯ Desಾಯ ес Des …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. !!

PcTattletale creates a video that will allow you to watch the exercise in minutes.
It shows the status of the movement so you can see it immediately.
The live stream tells you what you will do.


PcTattletale will automatically register:
– All emails and outgoing messages
– always in the air
– All the news
– Any website you visit
– Social media and videos like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, Snapchat and more.

If you have a child –

– Are you a miller
Don’t have enough video games
– Do you watch bad movies
– social media
– Hidden photos
Who said that
– Who sends the email

Here’s how it works.
Your device can copy text using the Android keyboard.
It is important to keep and transmit the information you provide
– No war
– GMAIL message. 1300 people (less)

If the device stores the correct text number, it will be sent to your email address (we recommend that you create a new email address).
So sign in to your GMAIL account using the screenshot above (please enter the details correctly).

Privacy Policy
This tool reports only terrain changes. This device does not support passwords. All data is stored on your device and sent to you only. No details are provided in this program. We do not collect information. This application does not require authorization.

– To receive emails from this application, you must have a low security setting to sign in to your Google Account



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