Fake Screen – Minimize Desktop of Android

Fake Screen - Minimize Desktop of Android

Fake Screen – Minimize Desktop of Android.This feature may prevent other users from watching the program.
The university secretary advised everyone
Designed for automatic rotation of the toy You may use and use any software.
(Video recording, audio recording, etc.)
We are not responsible for any unauthorized or unauthorized use of the product.

Fake Screen - Minimize Desktop of Android

This is a free key model.

Solution without pictures or announcements.
Type letters, numbers, symbols, or environmental actions to solve problems.
Signing and saving.
Invisible Behavior
A change of attitude

racing car

Writing fingerprints or fingerprints
Send the attacker’s messages and photos to your email address.
Look for theft indicator after repair
Displays the date and time of the attacker’s image.
Even society is wrong.
Browse / open / edit stolen folders
Selfie disorder image

Fake Screen - Minimize Desktop of Android


Fingerprint can be used on Marseille devices and later on Android.
Look at the entire footprint
Scan your fingerprints and change your password.
Scan fingerprint to unlock.
Gesture Lock is a screen that lets you write your screen securely.


View notifications on Android screens 3 and above.
Unread messages, missed calls, alarms, and alarms are displayed.
Hide warning content
With a single click, you can clear notifications, open apps, and get started.
Drag to delete message.
Personal information and font color
Resize and contact us.
The sofa picture is a special text screen.

There has been a change
Date, time, text, background, sound, animation, pause
Motion picture is a customizable lock screen.

Fake Screen - Minimize Desktop of Android

very much

To lock the screen and lock the phone, press the power key.
Press once to unlock your phone.
This application uses administrative privileges.

Download the Pro Lock gesture lock screen. To open your phone, set gestures such as text, numbers, symbols, signatures, passwords and drag.

– Work with the monkey.
Use action filters



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