Energy Ring: Universal Edition for Android – APK Download

If you’re looking for a universal edition app, you’ve come to the right place. The Energy Ring is available for both iOS and Android devices, and you can download it to your device from a variety of sources. Energy Ring: Universal Edition for Android – APK Download

Scroll down and you’ll see various download links that you can tap to download the app for free. Once you’re done, make sure to check out the review section, which offers more information on this great app.


Energy Ring is now immune to ‘clear ram’, ‘clear recents’ & any kind of optimization

The Energy Ring has received several improvements. First of all, it’s now immune to ‘clear recents’ and ‘clear ram’. Second, it’s no longer affected by ‘clear recents’, ‘clear ram’, or any other optimization.

Third, it no longer fails to trigger when players use ‘clear ram’ or ‘clear recents’.

The Energy Ring is now immune to ‘clear recents’, ‘clear ram’, and any kind of optimization.

This fix is available to everyone, and can be disabled for the rest of your life. You can now customize the battery circle color and thickness, and even change the direction of the ring’s direction.

Energy Ring also allows you to disable the battery indicator while on full-screen apps, so that you can see your battery health in an easy manner. The app has also been updated to work on all Android devices.


This patch also addressed several other issues relating to Energy Ring. Players who completed the quest “Helboar, the Other White Meat” were consuming extra Tainted Helboar meat.

‘Spellwarden’ no longer stopped working after leaving the battleground. ‘Rabid Shadows’ conduit no longer causes an interruption in the Arcanosphere.

The damage from Fallen Priest’s Blessing, ‘Clear Ram’, and ‘Shader Rift’ should be increased if you acquire multiple stacks.


It can glow up when any app/system accesses a camera

Designed for security and privacy, the Energy Ring is a battery indicator that glows when any app/system accesses the camera or microphone on your phone.

The Energy Ring is now available on Google’s Pixel 6 series, and is compatible with the Galaxy S7 and Z Fold. Using this app is free and ad-supported, and you can remove it with an in-app purchase.


It consumes battery

The Energy Ring application offers several configuration options, including ring size, color, and direction. It claims not to consume battery and produces a very small CPU load. There are several cons to this application, however. Energy Ring: Universal Edition for Android – APK Download

For one, it includes advertisements and offers shopping for rings. Second, it shows animated content while charging and requires notification access. Finally, the Energy Ring requires access to the phone to work, so it may consume battery if it is not used.


The app is free to download and features in-app purchases and customizations. Battery drain is minimal and the app puts almost no strain on the CPU. Energy Ring is only available for Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e models, so it may not work on some models.

However, if you’re concerned about battery usage, you can download a version specifically designed for your device. It’s worth checking before buying a device.


While the app does not consume too much battery, you can’t expect the ring to last a long time. If your phone has low battery, make sure to install the app on another device. If your phone runs on Android OS, make sure the application has permission to run on it.

It’s free to download, so why not give it a try? You’ll be glad you did.



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