Easy Message – Quick send messages to phone number – APK Download

Easy Message - Quick send messages to phone number - APK Download

Are you annoyed that you can’t send WhatsApp messages without saving the contact.

We’re included. You can quickly send messages to your phone number instead of your contact list. Use the Messages application to send a Display message directly to an unprotected phone number.

Easy Message - Quick send messages to phone number - APK Download

WhatsApp is a simple distributed application for those who do not want to recover their invoices before sending a notification.

Here’s how to use it. Open the app, enter your phone number and tap Marketing on WhatsApp. The app lets you talk to WhatsApp. Isn’t it sad.

To make things easier, using the WhatsApp Live Message app, you can copy your phone number from any device and paste it into the app to send WhatsApp messages to your phone number.

The WhatsApp view will show you that you are not getting a new WhatsApp phone number. Advertising ads make it easy to read. We know that adding short-term credit to send WhatsApp messages is a daunting task. Your contact list contains the required contacts because you sent a WhatsApp message. Send WhatsApp messages to your phone number.

We all understand that we need to keep our phone numbers temporarily low. I will be head of cof, chef, son of posts, news, or a short message to other people and I must keep the number of new phones in your contact list. Is there a whole new market for WhatsApp monitoring. No contact required. Send WhatsApp messages directly to your phone number without saving a simple message.

Register for the hobby

Send messages directly to WhatsApp
A copy of the phone will include the new phone number
Save your unsaved messages to WhatsApp
Resolve your phone number as needed
Send message for free

Which is the best gift for New Year 2019. Get the Lightweight app!

* This application has no functionality on WhatsApp.



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