Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Drama All Episodes

Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Drama All Episodes

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Synopsis

Angin Alton Dujatan is playing a central role in the series. The series was organized by Mehmat Bozdag and was shot in a Turkish village named Rewa. On 10 December 2014, it premiered on TRT 1 in Turkey. The serial is based on the lives of people living in Turkey and Ertugrul, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. When the Mongols attacked the Turks, the clan fled Central Asia. One of them was the Kai tribe and Suleman Shah was the leader of this tribe and moved to Anatolia where he faced a famine but was determined to start a better life

Suleman had four sons who are mentioned as Gundogu, Sugurtekin, Ertugrul and Dundar. When the Mongols attacked they captured Sunguretkin, while Gundogu and Ertugrul were with their father in every tribal war. While Dundar was the youngest. Therefore, he was too young to be involved in such cases.

Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Drama All Episodes

Once during the hunt Ertugrul clashed with the Knights Templar, who transported the three accused detainees. Therefore, Ertugrul and his three friends hanged these prisoners. The three prisoners included a princess, a girl named Halim, and her brother and father. He took the prisoners with him to his nomadic group. Later, Ertugrul is attracted to Princess Haleem and takes her with his family to his oba but soon Kara Toy’s commander arrives and asks Haleem and his family to withdraw but Suleman Shah refuses.

Irtugrul Ghazi Kaun Tha (Full Documentary)
Meanwhile, Kai Obasi decides to emigrate to Aleppo and Suleiman sends Ertugrul to Amir al Aziz’s palace with him. When they arrive at the palace, they see that Al Aziz’s commander is a traitor. He wanted the king to know of his commander’s hypocrisy because he wanted to save Haleem and his family from rebellion. Ertugrul then managed to expose Amir’s commander. On the other hand, Ertugrul’s uncle is greedy for his heartlessness with his evil mind. He betrayed the tribe and together with Tempeler became BJP. Turgut Alpha was captured by the Templar and mentally tortured to join his mission. But in the end, Turgut regained his memory and the Templars’ castle was conquered. Suleiman Shad died while crossing the Euphrates River.

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 Synopsis

In season 2, the Mongols invaded the Kai tribe again. Therefore, the Kai tribe had to flee once again. Kai Obassi took refuge in the area of Dodurg Obassi. Where he proposed great hospitality. In this attack, Mongol Baku Nuyan imprisoned Ertugrul.

Ertugrul tried to escape from Noyan’s confusion as he tried to uncover the betrayal but was unsuccessful in this attempt to escape. Instead he was trapped by Nayan. However, Gumstekin wanted to find Bi (brother of Aetolan) and Ertugerul, brother of Korkut Bi. Later, Aitolun, Gumastekin and his daughter Gokagul, Ertugrul and Alps attacked the Mongols. When Daly Demir and Haleem Hatun Konya were moving, they met up with old Kai Alp.

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Suleiman Shah’s son, Sungurtekin, who was previously captured by the Mongols, now became a spy under Sultan Aladdin of the Mongol army. Later, Saadtin Kopee captures Sunguretkin and becomes his spy against Noyan. The motive behind this was to bring back Ertugrul and his brother Gondogudu, who were imprisoned under Noyan. In an attempt to escape the imprisonment of Noyan, Ertugrul, Sungurtekin and his followers, Noyan was attacked and Ertugrul killed Noyan, while Sungurtekin was seriously injured in the attack. After this, Ertugerul headed west and invited the people of Kai Oba to join him, whoever wanted to flee with him to Bilsik.

Irtugrul Ghazi Kaun Tha (Full Documentary)
At the end of this season, Ertrugrul migrated to Bilic with Helmy Ana. Those displaced with him became the responsibility of Ertugrul.

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Synopsis

Now the Kai tribe was divided into two parts. One was under the control of Ertugrul who took responsibility for the migrants. Ertugrual was unfamiliar with the trading system therefore, this tribe faced many difficulties. Therefore, Ertugerul arranged for another man, who was well aware of the trade in his place.

During this time, the Kavad tribe started trading with Ertugrul as it was the most powerful tribe in Anatolia. Jandar Bey and his children Ural, Aslihan and Aliyar were leading this tribe. And they were very skilled in trade. When Jander Bir’s son, Ural, was crooked and wanted to attack Ertugrul Road, an enemy of Ertugrul, with the help of Saidtin Koppe. Jander Bey tries to stop his son, but when he stops him from doing so, he angrily arrests the caravan of the women and captures Halim and Aslihan Hatun. At that time Gunduz was on the verge of short death. After this, Ertugrul suddenly encountered and Bialik overcame Hanli Pazar.

After this victory, Ertugrul ordered Ural Bei to be hanged because he had killed Karatsahasir’s Takshak and killed the Alps of Ertugarul, but was later exempted with the help of Vasilius (the new ruler of Karakahisar) was. Vasilius fought the war before the Turks.

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Irtugrul Ghazi Kaun Tha (Full Documentary)
Aliyar Bay and Ertugrul had good relations. So he planned to defeat Ural and Vasilius, but Aliyar Bay died in the meantime. Ertugerul wanted to develop a good relationship with the Cavards. For this purpose, he asked Turgut to marry Cavalier’s daughter, Aslihan. And they got married. Later, Sultan Aladdin gave Ertugerul the title of UC BE but Kopech did not like it as he was against Ertugrul. Therefore, at the end of the season, Ughar’s angry Kop will kill Ertugrul with the support of Vasilius and Ares.

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4 Synopsis

Ertugerul did not die, but was, in fact, arrested by a slave trader. Ashalihan’s uncle Bahadar Bir asks for his help. Dandar Bir was certain of Ertugrul’s death. Therefore, he became Keeler’s BE and wanted to sell Hanley Bazaar. But at that time Ertugerul came in front of him and demanded to bring Hanli back to the market. When he finds out that Ares has kidnapped his son, he declares war against the Byzantines.

Bahadar Bay betrayed Ertugerul. Therefore, Ertugarul kills him and conquers Karakasar. Once, Kopek betrayed Ertugerul which endangered the Seljuk kingdom, but due to Karakahisar’s conquest, he raised against Kopek. Later, Ertugrul contacts Ares and he arrests him and asks him to confess Kopek’s wrongdoing in front of the Sultan. Later, the Sultan expelled Kopek. Ares adopted Islam and became Ahmat. Ertugerul makes him his detective. The sultan wanted a meeting with Ertugrul to explain the misinterpretation of the attack carried out by Kopech. But Kopek poisoned the Sultan and he died.

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The Sultan’s wife, Mahapari Hatun, wanted to make his son sultan that he saved Kopek with a trick. After the death of Sultan, Ghiyadin (son of Mahaparai Hatun) became Sultan and captured Ertugrul. But Ibn Arabi later saved Ertugrul.

Irtugrul Ghazi Kaun Tha (Full Documentary)
Kopek’s transformed son, Ganlap Bei, tried to execute the Alps of Karakasaheiser, Ertugrul, but Ertugrul tried to explain the wrong attack by Kopec, but he could not. Also, Kopech killed Giaddin’s brother, so Ziadin killed Kopek and he celebrated Kopek’s death. During this, Halim Hatun died during Usman’s birth.

Meanwhile, the Mongols were moving towards Anatolia. And Ogdei Khan sent a representative, the Seljuk and Noyan and Ertugerul to the Bayuk Noyan, compromised the peace, but it ceased after the death of Ogdei. Nayan’s sister Alangoya infiltrated the Kai tribe. Later, at the end of the season, Kylar moved to Sogut, while Noyan headed to Anatolia.

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Synopsis

Season 5 of Dirilis Ertugrul focuses on the period 10 years after the Mongol attack. The Mongols attacked the Seljuk state in the Battle of Kosay Dog. Umurgulri was the new tax collector who interrupted and unbalanced Sogut. Imril, Umar Bey’s daughter, falls in love with Ertugrul. Therefore, he saved the Kai tribe. Commander Dragos was a Byzantine warrior. He killed Omar Bai and heaped two tribes. Dragos tried to beat Sogut.

Ertugrul was planning against the Mongols while Amir Battin wanted to destroy his plans. Gunduz reveals the truth about Dragos. Meanwhile, Beybolat Bey appeared. Umar Bey’s son, along with the Mongols, destroyed the Seljuk and rebelled against the Oguz tribe in the name of Algubi. Ertugrul’s brothers hide themselves in the mountains. At that time, Beoblatt Bey wanted to marry Ilbil with Bhattin, but Ertugrul proposed to Ilbiz and they got married.

Subsequently, Ertugrul attacked the Mongols. During this war, Amir Bhattin and Alabasti died and a Zangok saved Ertugrul’s life but Ertugrul suspected Zungok and kept an eye on him. Commander Alinac and Subut attacked the Kai tribe. He was sent by Hulgu Khan. Baybolt created a new UC Bay. Keylar’s new BE, Artuk Bey, ordered Ertugrul to kill Osman or stab him, but Ertugrul refused. Celine attacked Sirma Hatun as he became the chief of the Kai tribe. Bayolat had Suleiman imprisoned, but Ilbil later freed him. Ertugrul and his Alps saved Lefke Castle from winning by blocking and changing this message of Hulgu Khan.

Watch Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Irtugrul Ghazi Kaun Tha (Full Documentary)
Ertugrul learns of his son’s place when he overhears the plans of Yuranos and Alinq at their meeting. Ertugrul angered Alinsak and traded his chest with fake documents. Ertugrul captures Suleiman and kills him, while on the other hand Margin is captured by Alinqak but Ertugrul saves him. During this battle, Bamsi came late and Alinak fled while Gunduz was wounded. Abdul Rahman became the head of the Alps. Ertugrul implodes Alinak. Meanwhile, the people of Albasti attacked Hafsa and his children. Ertugerul finds out that Zongac was from Lefke Castle so he traps him. But the truth was that Bellringer was the real Dragos. To find out who the real Dragos Ertugrul was, Euronos captured.

The people of Albasti also captured Basmati, but Ertugrul saved him by killing Alinac and Captain Dragos. When Dragos was to be executed, Beolobet betrayed Dragos. In this battle, Bamsi was wounded in the Sogut Mosque. Also, Ertugerul forgives him. Ertugrul and Iblase thought that Biobolt was Albasti and later confessed to himself. Hence Ertugrul attacked Beyobut but he jumped into a river and was saved by Hulagu Khan commander Aribbuca.

Ertugrul made Ibliz the Beo of Umurgulri. Ertugrul and Gundogu decided to start a war against the Mongols. Therefore, a war started between the Mongols and Beolat and on the other hand between Ertugrul and his Alps. Dumrul and Margen were killed in this battle. In addition, Ertugerul was wounded and captured. When Gundogu finds out that Turgut has been wounded, he goes to the battlefield, when he is taken to the tribe of Melshah. Later Basmati, Gundogu, Gunduz and Guzikut discovered Ertugerul.

When Arikbuka came to know about this, he planned a trap for them. While Albasti was taking Ertugrul to a cave, Abdul Rahman and Ibliz surrounded him, so that Ertugrul killed Beolat. Meanwhile, Gundogोगु is trapped by Aribbuca, but is saved by Ertugrul. Ertugrul returns to his Cai tribe. And restructured it. Artuk Bay told Ertugerul about a shipment heading to Anatolia and a Mongol spy.

Bassami, Gunkut, and Gunduz sneak into the caravanseari and find out about the Mongol spy, but they are trapped by Erbuka. Ertugrul sets Gundogu and Tergut to get the gold but the gold was missing. Hence Ertugrul is confronted but later Gunduj and Gundogu find the gold and save it. Sarma met the Mongol spy, while Ilbilage followed her.

Ertugrul later discovers Anatolia’s spy with Burke Khan and Turgut Alp and Ilbilige to learn about the situation that Sirma and Tskun Bay were traitors so Tagrut Alp killed Tskun Bay and captured Sirma. Sirma poisoned the Illbillies but was killed by Ilbilage and Ilbil was later rescued by Artuk Bay. Burk Khan and Ertugrul kill Mongol and Erbakka’s spies.

Season 5 ends with Ertugerul leading the horses in battle and Usman takes the flag in his hands and takes responsibility for Suleman Shah. He took an oath to wave the Kai tribe flag all over the world.


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