Free APK Download – Couchgram Incoming Call Lock App Lock

Couchgram Incoming Call Lock App Lock

Get In Touch With Your Friends and Family With Couchgram

The Couchgram phone system is a high-end business phone that offers its users the ability to make and receive unlimited calls using a standard analog or digital phone. Couchgram Incoming Call Lock App Lock

The Couchgram incoming call lock & app lock feature allow the user to turn “bell off”, so that there is no accidental ringing of the cell phone. This allows the person on the other end of the line to know that you are not trying to run into them and interrupt the call.

This simple technology prevents that sort of thing from happening because when you turn this feature on, your voice is blocked until you activate the call by saying the command word “C Couchgram”.

Couchgram Incoming Call Lock App Lock
Couchgram Incoming Call Lock App Lock

When you do this you have access to your voice mail list and will be able to listen to your voice mail without interference from other phone calls or other distractions. This can save you time and prevent you from missing important calls.

The Couchgram also has a voice dialer that can help you make up names and other phone numbers for you that you may have forgotten.

This voice dialer also has several other features as well. The voice mail that is stored in the Couchgram is HIPAA compliant. This means that all of the messages are protected under HIPAA laws.

You can also dial various extensions in one call thanks to voice options that are available on the Couchgram.

Couchgram Incoming Call Lock App Lock

You can even call the United States Postal Service by dialing an extension that is assigned to you and then speak to one of their customer representatives.

All of these features work from any location that you have access to a computer or cell phone.

This system also provides the user with caller identification. This means that the person answering the phone does not have to look at the screen. The Couchgram will know who is calling based on the number that they provide.

The callers will only see the number on the Couch Gram itself. If the caller does not leave a message, they will not be identified on the list.

Voice mail also comes with Couchgram services. You can choose how many days you want your voice mail messages delivered. You can also create voice mail messages based on certain subjects or even groups of people.

Couchgram Incoming Call Lock App Lock
Couchgram Incoming Call Lock App Lock

The messages will also be sent out to multiple recipients, so you do not have to punch in the numbers one by one every time.

One of the best things about Couchgram is that all calls made and received are done completely through VoIP technology. This means that your voice communication is transmitted digitally and is recorded by the Couchgram system for future reference.

You can look up the information on any calls you have made and retrieve them at any time. The voice mail software is also HIPAA compliant, so it will archive voice mail messages and keep them for your reference.

When you are done with one message, you can select to forward a message to others or delete it.

Couchgram also offers a free account for its clients so you do not have to pay anything for this service.



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