Couchgram Incoming Call Lock Apk


Couchgram Incoming Call Lock Apk:

Couchgram Incoming Call Lock Apk.

# 1 Key and application key next year very reliable.

Couchgram Incoming Call Lock Apk

Close next year;
You can get complete privacy for your future phones by setting your password
Save your fingerprints next year.

(Fingerprint lock only supported on Android 6.0 devices with fingerprint sensors).


Do not hide the caller ID / caller name
You can change or hide the caller name or number on the other phone screen.

Application key features;
Save your phone news, text messages, photos, videos and more with WhatsApp and Facebook.

Use your fingerprint to lock key applications
( Fingerprint lock only supported on Android 6.0 devices with fingerprint sensors).

Inter took a picture of the striker
Who is stealing your phone? The instructor will teach them to you.

Speed ​​booster:
Clear your memory and sharpen your device.
Speed ​​with phone amplifier.

Contact for automatic deletion of the record
Want to hide your face? Insert a contact to automatically delete rust trees.

Cool wallpaper of next year:
Express your preferences by choosing a special background for next year.
Try to choose photos that capture your best moments.

Privacy screen filter:

Use privacy screen filters to make your screen visible to others.
(The screen brightness is low according to the default brightness settings on Android.)


Mission permission required:
Device and application history: Apple Lock requires permission.

Introduction: Apple requires permission to install.
Contact point: The license must be closed next year.
SMS: Need to access instant phone messages
Phone: Permission is required to delete public records automatically.
Photos / Media / Files: Requires permission to use gallery and app lock background next year
Storage: Permission to use Apple Wallpaper.


Fingerprint lock supported on Android 6.0 or the following Samsung devices:

Samsung devices:
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 Edge
TheGalaxy A5 (2016)
Galaxy A7 (2016)
Galaxy A9
The Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy Note 4 / Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A
Note 4 SLTE
Galaxy Note Edge
Lumturi alpha
Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 Edge
The Galaxy S6 Edge +
Galaxy S5 / Davos
Galaxy S5 LTE-A
The Galaxy S5 Prime LTEA
Galaxy S5 Mini / Galaxy S5 Mini Davos
Galaxy A8.

Android device :

Android 6.0
hTc U A9
Sony Xperia Z5
The Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
LG V10
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P
Huawei Ascend & Mate 7
Huawei Ascend & Mate 8
The Huawei Mate S.
Huawei G7 Plus (G8)
Huawei Honor 7
OPPOR 7 Plus
U Plus 2
Lenovo ZDZ1.

Couchgram Incoming Call Lock Apk.


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