Cloud SIM: Second Phone Number, Calling & Texting

Cloud SIM: Second Phone Number, Calling & Texting

With Cloud SIM you can quickly dial multiple phone numbers and add them to your smartphone or tablet. You can add four numbers to mobile phones in the UK, Poland, Canada and the US.

High quality international and mobile phone calls to everyone. Offer cheap rates for sending phone calls or sms. In the cloud, you can choose the way you want to talk over the phone via home access (GSM), mobile data, or Wi-Fi. This means you don’t have to worry about making or receiving calls.

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If you don’t have an internet connection or Wi-Fi or data connection, go and write free messages, share photos and have fun on local networks. You and your names have no space! These two digits are free or payable.

Cloud SIM: Second Phone Number, Calling & Texting

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Connect your cloud SIM with friends and family around the world!

Important facts

Get a different number without changing your SIM card, device, or cellular service provider
Minimum phone calls and SMS
Free calls and sms
Use international statistics at once
Search for text messages and call new numbers
Send DMS SMS and make a call from the specified number
Create and edit phone numbering information
Each mobile phone has its own voice message
Complete mobile management tool
Keep your purchases and your messages private
Dark Cloud SIM card free download

You can now easily access other numbers with your cloud SIM card. You can save your keywords, sell cheap numbers on eBay, or use them for other secret commercial purposes.

Sim Cloud allows other Cloud SIM users to make cheap calls or send messages or send messages anywhere in the world. In-app purchases allow up to 4 purchases.

In a nutshell, using a cloud SIM card allows:

Use the numbers
This number is hot
Another phone to sign up for online
Temporary / Approximate values
Another travel phone number
Another phone number
Numbers that work according to your online advertising program

*** Free calls to over 200 countries and low cost ***

The AIM SIM application provides international calls and free SMS services.

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