Clipboard Saver for Android – APK Download

Clipboard Saver for Android - APK Download

Clipper is a powerful board administrator that automatically stores and templates item items. View your clipboard history and search your clips. Copy, paste, view and edit content. Save a copy of the item to your find and copy it if necessary. Take a look at the copy and insert the clip!

Except automatic and transparent to history and clipboard. All copied text will be collected and saved for future use. Don’t worry about copying, this is very important.

Clipboard Saver for Android - APK Download

Copy to clipboard with one click. Specifies a special folder for recording videos. View, edit, and receive content.

Quick and easy access. Open Clipper in the status bar to quickly open the library. Program the piece and save it to your guess.

So many more and more. Set up clipboards, news features, interfaces, and more. Clipboard control is not easy.

+ Update with Clipper Plus for unlimited clips, searches, values and features.

Copy it here and 2.0!

(After installing the crop, you only need to enable monitoring. You’ll find a quick guide. Killer actions can affect your work.)

If you need help or have any suggestions or complaints, email us at [email protected] Your opinion is important to us.

Dimensions used:

File / Multimedia / Files: Import and export internal storage as SD card

The clipboard functions based on the copied text displayed in the message list or the application list selected in the message list.
Compatible with Android 10
No advertising, no freemium, just donations

Call WhatsApp without adding a phone number to your contacts.
Share photos / videos: Upload photos and videos in one touch
Get access to previous recordings from the Osedi clipboard! Or organize all the clips in the list of well-made materials!
SP Video Talk Talk: Ask what you copy for convenience or designation.
Link Reduce link: Shorten the link with a few clicks!
QR Code: Create a QR code to copy and edit each text
So be clear: highlight the words directly from the message
Change Currency: Change your currency to Google
View time: Shows content copied by clicking on the notification
Open Link Link: Open in your browser if available.

Land search: Copy text from Google.

View on Akita map: copy the link directly to the map!
Delay translation: Open the translation process with Google Translate and use your preferred language.
No email address: Filter email and start creating new email with the email address you found
Phone Uu: filter your phone and phone numbers.
Contact each other by email or phone
Import and export CSV data (available in Excel)

This is like a cutter, paste + or stack of clips, running in the background and
The service is very simple (don’t use the battery) and the response is copying.
The clipboard function can be combined with other clipboard commands.


If you purchased the app (
The clipboard certification is free and must be advertised, so make a donation when you buy the app.

License: Starter (android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED)
Note. We use this permission to start the device and start the service
If enabled, you can open the service in the background.

Source: Don’t turn off the phone (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK)
Note. This ensures that background services are active and will not start at the beginning. But this is service



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