Change Application Name & Icon – Hide Any App

Change Application Name & Icon

Change Application Name & Icon So you can just change the app names, icons and hide all the apps on your mobile phone using an app called this app.

It can be used to use multiple signatures at once on apps like Fb, Instagram or Twitter, but it’s very easy to change using the app. The Cloner app has performance features to customize a new copy of the app.

You can change the app name and list. You can accept permissions or receive a reference request that must be sent to the SD card. You can disable the start and start locks. Or change your app directly to a locked screen app.

The browser allows you to access the login app to add features such as password security, incognito mode, or hiding your Android ID and / or fake features. Plus, you can just run the app to upgrade your Wi-Fi information. More than 200 options of customization and additions have been added.

The free sample can be the original stone. Cash updates to remove all aspects of payment options:

Configuration and preview options:

• Change or publish Android ID, IMEI / IMSI, Wi-Fi and MAC addresses
• Change your Google Promotion ID and Google Service Design (GSF) identifiers
• Replace the website purchasing agent
• Open Wi-Fi data, hide SIM cards
• Install the built-in props to prevent engine selection

• Payment apps (Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, Faux GPS apps, Bukalapak, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, UK, Parallel House)
• Create multiple application entries using package paste
• Save / distribute installed applications
• Panic videos

Personal card:

• Computer-protected software in Stealth mode
• blockchain application
• Disable syncing for contacts, calendars, calendar names, and tables
• Leave the app without comments
• Activity mode for applications, incognito keyboard
• Permission and revocation of authorization licenses
• GPS malfunction
• Close the bite area
• Spare parts
• Disable access
• Window shadows
The keyboard on the way
• Turn off auto-fill and bulk output
• The display shows the output display, ‘bite’ to appear
• Cover the root and face of various programs
• Delete the logcat log
• Delete assigned tasks
• Disable machine management and installation requirements

Select options:

• Change colors to be stable, accelerating, and binding
• Change colors and / or darker colors
• Allow dark mode (Android 10)
• Decide on a change
• Change the information on the screen and replace the text files
• Change the default screen size, language, and font size
• Display in screen humidification mode
• Convertible and non-residential windows
• Multi-screen and image visualization
• HUD display screen / mode
• Stop fuel consumption and use larger calculations
• In-app chat
• Show enlarged photos
• Poor vision
• Upload images, select text content, and display images
• It takes a long time to respond to content
• Display password fields
• Open a dialog box
• Add a screen saver and tap on it
• Allow them to copy and paste
• Display the screen
• RTL support (left to right)
• color analysis
• Change or deactivate the use button

Media settings:

• Resize or adjust when starting
• In the future, complete it with an app or content-based content
• Department of Tropical Rainforests
• Start crying
• Cut off the camera and microphone
• Turn off audio focus (allow you to add different programs to audio and video files).
• Turn off the Chromecast button
• Display on the second display
• Excellent customer service and representation
• Delete haptic references
• Listen to the sound again

Navigation options:

• Continue button
• Access the application
• Reduce to raise
• Disable to exit the application
• Push to go back
With full length conversion and fingerprints
• Stay away for a list of options
• Five point markers and many features
• Kiosk mode
• Re-application testing

Human activities are carried out in parallel, each of which has a specific purpose. It does not offer software updates, so you can save and manage the backup model using a separate app.



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