Browser – Best faster speed

Browser - Best faster speed

Browser is a lightweight mobile browser that gives you a fast and secure surfing experience.
Download a fast browser for free; Try the best experience on your Android browser.

Ick Quick Search: Optimized for web browsing for a great browsing experience!
Weight Light weight: Fast browser is small and only 2 MB.
Rip Ownership: Browsing without conservation protects your privacy.
R KR Code: Support for scanning KR code.

And simple and elegant user interface design
ට Import and export tags
Card Multiple card management
J is disabled in Javascript
Excellent support for HTML HTML5 and Flash
Customized font size
Print the S JS log into the log file

Browser - Best faster speed
– Review the card
– Anonymous Mode: Private to browse the web without saving your browser history.
– Security: Be safe and private.
– Faster: Speed up online with faster startup and page load times
– Supports Adobe Flash Player
– Supports home page, bookmarks, history, small footer and full screen space.
– Very easy to copy / paste
– Quick Search: Google, iHahoo, Bing and other familiar search engines
– User agent settings
– Advanced motion function
– Sharing: An easy and intuitive way to share mobile content through social media channels.
– KR code reader
– Advanced
– Native Javascript and WebKit engine are used, so file size is small
Simplify your journey. Just let it all work because you don’t want to.
A free mobile browser that puts the power of an open network in your hand.


– access, browse and search the Internet at high speed
Smart – Keep your favorite websites and mobile videos at your fingertips with smart search and sync between your computer and mobile devices
Secure – Make sure your Android browser is secure and private with extensive security settings, add-ons and no-follow features
It is an ideal web browser for fast network connections such as Vi-Fi, 3G and 4G. It is designed to make your Android device more powerful and easier to connect to the web!

Browser - Best faster speed

Ad block
Avoid annoying notifications and enjoy constant exploration. Ad blockers can effectively block ads, pop-ups and banners. In addition to blocking ads, it loads pages faster and saves data.

C shortcuts
You can access your favorite places from any browser.

Browse Private Browsing
Find the secret without storing history, cookies or money.

The latest world news at your fingertips

Set the font size

How to read

Preuzimanja available download
You can choose where your downloads are going

Videos Upload videos – Download almost every video you find!

Nietzsche Expedition – We don’t bother with announcements

Android supports Android 5.0+

There are open beta tests available

Settings Access Settings

Podrica multilingual support

Browser - Best faster speed

User Light User Experience – No more frozen pages. Web search, shortcuts, bookmarks, everything is just one button.

A super fast browser takes up 46.7% less space on your device than our competitors.

Move at lightning speed. Switching to a super fast browser won’t ruin your routine.


Super Fast Search is used by over 3,000,000 people in more than 149 countries around the world and is limited to the Android mobile environment!

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please contact us!
This free Android browser helps you browse the Internet fast. Using one of the most advanced search engines, page load times and page response times are fast. In addition to its speed, it offers a number of different security features that protect you from malware, advice and phishing.
Your browser should support multiple uses, such as uploading images and videos to Facebook or iTube, downloading files from the Internet, accessing websites that require you to understand your current location, such as Google Maps. That’s why we need more permission. For more detailed information on what we need for these rights, see our FAQ: https: //

If enabled by the user, our application uses an accessibility service for visually impaired people to access the websites of other visually impaired browsers. Enable this feature by enabling the view for the visually impaired in the application.

Almost everything is stored online and a person always needs more information, content, and multimedia content. If you have an Internet smartphone, the world is in its pocket. However, a stable data connection and a fast smartphone are not enough to get the Internet. That is why we have developed a web browser that will meet all your needs. favorite songs, movies, videos and anything you want to access the Internet.

Yo Browser is a completely free and secure web browser for Android, which helps you find educational materials




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