Antistalker for Android – APK Download

Antistalker for Android - APK Download

Antistalker for Android – How to Fix This Common Jelly Buddy Malware infection

Antistalker for Android APK Download

Antistalker for Android is a rogue anti-spyware application that shows as an application, and runs as a background process.

This application will show up on your Android task manager, as well as in the “installation apps” list. This is a very dangerous application.

Not only does it install a back door into your system (that lets it monitor your Internet activity), but it also continually sends out spam text messages to all of your contacts, as well as to all of your contacts’ contacts.

This application needs to be stopped with a rooted Android device.

The first step to fixing this problem is to stop the anti-spyware program from running on your system. Normally, that would be done by clicking onto your computer’s start button, then selecting run.

It should be able to locate the antistalker program, which should be in the programs folder. If not, you can use a search engine to look for it.

The program files should then be located in the same directory as the rest of your installed applications, but you should have root access to it, if it’s not already there.

The next step is to remove the application from your device.

Normally, that would be done by clicking onto the ” Apps” menu, then tapping into any of the folders.

You can use a search engine to look for the antistalker app, as well as tap into any of its subfolders.

You can then use an uninstall utility to rid yourself of it. If you want to ensure that it’s completely gone from your system, you can use a system restore to wipe it all away.

If you’re wondering how you got the virus onto your computer in the first place, it’s worth looking at the software that the company that produces Antistalker for Android installs on your PC.

That program comes from an outfit called Pareto Logic,

who are known for distributing spyware and other harmful malware.

They are well known for distributing Adware and other spyware related products, which are designed to do nothing more than annoy you and steal your personal details.

This includes the likes of accessing your bank accounts and setting up fraudulent charges on your credit card. Pareto Logic also sell the fake antivirus protection that they distribute as well.

Once you’ve removed the application from your system, it’s then a case of trying to remove the infected code that it places on your PC.

This is where it turns into a “fake antivirus” application that loads up once you plug it into your Android device.

You may have noticed a series of popups before, which advise you that your system has been infected with spyware and other harmful viruses.

They then link you to their own site for purchasing a full version of their product.

What’s important to remember here is that there is a way to remove this infection from your phone, and it’s all thanks to an “anti-malware” application.

This is software which masquerades as a legitimate antivirus tool, but is actually programmed to search through your PC and remove every single infected file that it finds – including the one that causes the annoying “adware” popup.

Using this method, we’ve found that the Antistalker for Android infection will almost completely get rid of your gadget from the Google Play Store.

We’ve used this method with a number of different phones, and have found that it’s always worked.



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