AntiPhone – Free Fake SMS

AntiPhone - Free Fake SMS

AntiPhone – Free Fake SMS

Send free SMS to friends all over the world.
How many times have you thought about asking one of your friends. For instance:
“Do you love girls”
“Is it through contact”
“Work scams”
And some others.

AntiPhone - Free Fake SMS

Legal solution

However, there is no direct SMS device, but it does:
1) We purchase a unique UK number for our account
2) This number will be your virtual number
3) This is the second phone number to send and receive text messages without disclosing your information.
4) When your friends respond to your new account in the UK, you get all the ads in the app
5) If you want to click again, you can email another phone number

AntiPhone - Free Fake SMS

Isn’t he beautiful

Free of charge
Each new buyer gets $ 4,000 (four thousand karmas) for free, so you can get it for free
– Another phone number per month
– Send and receive 20 anonymous SMS

If you would like to connect, contact our support team.



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