Anonymous Texting – Apk for andriod

Anonymous Texting - Apk for andriod

Anonymous SMS is another valid phone number that you can use to store a number on your personal phone.

Add a private privacy phone number for privacy and security reasons. You need to use a number to access different accounts on your personal phone, including your bank account. For maximum security, you will need to use another anonymous SMS number, even if you enter a number in your phone. Anonymous messaging is perfect for a situation where you want that number on your phone but the other party doesn’t want to have a life. Get a phone number with your anonymous nutrition loyalty programs, potential employers, dating sites, and more.

★★★★ Goals

Incoming messages are free
✓ Support for sending and receiving images
Get Free Loans
Only valid and authorized telephone numbers are authorized

CoverMy configuration and secure text and speech – this is confidential text, along with some text and speech to the hotline. Great announcement, but also sending lost SMS, sending SMS and sending your own SMS via anonymous SMS. Hide sensitive messages, phone messages, and contacts. . All of this is done through encrypted encryption and personal messenger.

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Phone Send notes from Burn to turn on a phone number
Yes Yes Make your phone a secure phone
Dear Send lost text messages and remember sent messages
Full encryption of confidential SMS and messages
Kiya Lock Shake text messaging
CoverMarry using a mask application to hide secrets and secrets

Call your cell phone like a new sim

Get a valid US or Canadian cell phone to bury your original number to receive anonymous text and phone calls. CoverMy Private Messages + Secure Text Messages and Calls provide hot phone number information for various geographic locations, business, online access (accessibility, Tinder, Zusk…) and other terms to protect your personal information. You can change your current phone number at any time.

Secret speech
Create anonymous WiFi phones with the same fuel line in the US, Canada, and China to become more aware of regular meetings. The call log will not appear in your phone account.

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Human form
Send anonymous SMSs and anonymous text messages with a valid phone number to get personal information about your number. Your private messages have been deleted.

Outgoing messages are not available

CoverMy gives you full control over sending secret text messages. You know when the recipient is reading your text messages. You will lose yourself by reading a text message. Don’t worry about sending or storing confidential messages!
Have you ever provided your personal photos or incorrect information in the event of an accident? No problem – think about these messages!

The complete range of your call
Regular phone calls and reminders are sent to an unsafe cellular network that can be downloaded without your knowledge. CoverMy Private Messenger calls and archives using encrypted data transfer technology are completely unknown. Locked, spyware and secure servers have all done reliably.

Hide messages secretly

Worried about seeing your eyes or sending public SMSs? Shake and lock the sent message. You can also whip the Messenger cover with this app. You won’t have access to private or secret SMS even when you sign in.

Hidden basement for increased security
CoverMy’s confidential + secure copy and paste ensures that your personal photos, videos, passwords, confidential contacts, confidential documents, articles and confidential diaries are locked and locked. The hard password cannot be found in the locked basement. Even if your device is lost or left unattended, your personal files are fully protected.

Covermail Secret Text Messages + Secure Text Messages and Calls, Create Your Own!

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