2Call – Second Phone Number for Free Text & Call

2Call - Second Phone Number for Free Text & Call

2 call gives the phone number of the smartphone. No need to change a SIM card or carry another phone. The numbers obtained from this application are actual US or Canadian phone numbers, not fake or VoIP numbers. Providing a side line can send anonymous SMS or make secure calls, with a special lifetime warranty number.

This new second line number can be called and sent as the first call, and you can receive calls and messages without taking the program to the front. It’s real and reliable.

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2Call - Second Phone Number for Free Text & Call


– Secure a new number from the United States or Canada as you really are
– Call or send to a US or international number, such as China’s telephone number.
– Supports image and picture messages
– Clear international crystal call on cheap sound
– Access your contacts or call them easily or text
– Supports group messaging, automated email and call answering
– Prevent unnecessary numbers and add new contacts
– Download now for additional text or call features

Why should you get 2 calls for your new phone app. Because it benefits you as follows:

From floor offset to top of stairs.
For online dating security, you need to choose 2ndline as a security guard, you must have 2 online call numbers for your friends and give them the real number to trust the range. For a burner, your burner phone number is 2 calls.

2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts & Calls

Separate number for colleagues
If you do not need to give your colleagues a personal number, give them a second line job. Work and separate your life, you never get bored when going to work or calling, this is your workplace.

Or an advertised network number for sale
2Call is a temporary number that allows others to contact you, for example, letting a vendor or delivery staff, or try GbagateGemPlug, and providing 2 call numbers when you want to sell second-hand products online.

International figures for overseas business

You can make international calls at a much cheaper rate (cheaper and clearer than Silent and Textna Now apps), and send and receive messages from over 60 countries. 2 calls require a network of calls or text, but others can get real numbers and this makes it much easier to connect with people.

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2Call is designed for anyone who needs a phone number, such as a freelancer, businessman or entrepreneur. When you need to use data numbers for jobs, jobs, etc., you can use 2 calls instead of the real number. Buy or Sell Online.

2Call - Second Phone Number for Free Text & Call

Package and price announcements:

We have several packages to choose from:
Friday 99 3.99, one month 99 9.99, one year. 24.99. We also offer special business packages for $ 59.99 each year.
If you choose to subscribe to this service, you will pay for your credit card at the end of the trial period. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Renewal of your account within 24 hours of the end of the current period will incur US $ 9.99. When you purchase a subscription, all unused portions of your trial trial subscription will be lost.

If you have any questions or answers, please contact the support features in our app .



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